Online Marketing Mistakes to Avoid When Promoting Your New Business

February 5, 2018 Sanaa Hajoui

As a local entrepreneur, you know the value of online marketing. From building awareness of your new brand and business to generating sales leads and reinforcing customer loyalty, online marketing can be unrivalled in its effectiveness. Just be sure to avoid these rookie digital marketing mistakes that can sink your digital ship, fast. 

1. Omitting videos

A strong video engages potential customers longer. If your website and social media are missing video, you’re missing out!

2. Having a website that loads sloooooooowly

Consumers won’t wait for your site to load at a snail’s pace – they’ll visit your competitors’ sites instead. Fix that, pronto.

3. Letting your content get stale 

Visit your business website monthly to ensure you’re not “that guy” advertising an Easter promo in May. New content keeps your website higher in Google searches and entices customers and potential customers to visit and revisit your site – and your storefront, if you have one. If your website lacks a news or blog section that you can update regularly, consider adding one.

4. Forgetting to maintain friendliness in your social posts 

Be 100% confident with what you’re posting about your business on social media. But convey content in a cordial manner, just like how you’d greet your customers in person. These are social posts, after all!

5. Using email addresses that aren’t as professional as your business 

Your business email address is like an introduction to your company – it needs to be personal, professional and easy to remember. Distinct email addresses get clients to the right staff member faster. Avoid the generic; instead, use real names. With our Pro Plus web-design package, you get up to 10 email addresses for your team.

6. Failing to invest in SEO 

Search engine optimization (SEO) rankings fluctuate, so hire a pro to ensure your business’s website gets the traffic it deserves.

7. Thinking word of mouth was strong enough

Sorry, no: a happy customer is your second-best booster. The first? NetSync! Come up on search results every time motivated consumers search your market, whether they’re looking for you on their mobile device, tablet or computer.

8. Neglecting to crunch the numbers 

Use a free tool like Yellow Pages Analytics or Google Analytics to see what’s working and what needs work. 

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