5 Kinds of Images That Might Hurt Your Brand

February 2, 2018 Caitlin McElwain

Visuals speak volumes about your brand: they tell people what your business is about, including its story and what its personality is like. Visuals also leave a strong first impression; so make sure you are choosy about your images—a bad image (literally) may hurt your brand.

Here’s a list of types of images to avoid:

Poorly placed images

Where you place your image can have a significant impact on your online experience of your online viewership. According to a recent study, headlines placed below an image are read by 10% more people than headlines above. Furthermore, captions under images are read, on average, 300% more than the body of text—not including your message under captions could be a waste of some great real estate.

Also, when it comes to your placement, make sure the image doesn’t break up the flow of your text, as you could easily lose readers this way. A general rule of thumb is not to break the left margin. In fact, not placing your image correctly could mean missing out on opportunities to engage with potential customers.

Low-quality images

These are the ones that seem to be taken without any photography skills. Whether the focus is unclear, the lighting is off, or the scene just doesn’t look good, avoid using these photos altogether—unless you’re trying to be funny, then carry on! In the end, you want your pictures to look attractive, professional, and presentable to best reflect your brand. 

TIP: If you can’t tell if your photos fall under this category, it’s always great to ask a second set of eyes for feedback.

Cliché stock photos

Stock photos are a great alternative for those who don’t have the time or resources to take their own professional photos. However, too many businesses (including large corporations) make the mistake of choosing cheesy stock photos. These are the kinds of photos that are unnatural, unoriginal, inauthentic and generic.

TIP: If you can’t find the right stock photos, it’s better to create your own. Get original and professional photos for your online media with help from Yellow Pages.

Images that take forever to load

Have you ever come across a site with images that take forever to load? If it takes too long, you’ll probably feel like leaving. In fact, Google discovered that a change in a 10-result page loading in 0.4 seconds to a 30-result page loading in 0.9 seconds decreased traffic by 20%. So when it comes to uploading images to your site, make sure it doesn’t take forever to load or you might lose people’s attention.

Images that serve no purpose

If your picture serves no purpose other than to take up more space, then it’s probably best to remove it. Pictures should convey your message and tell a story. Does it let your customers know what your page is about? Does it align with your brand? Does it compliment your copy? These are some questions to ask when considering whether your images are relevant or not.

Grab customers’ attention with help from Yellow Pages

When it comes to creating a visually stunning website with original and professional photos, Yellow Pages can help. Learn more about our digital services by talking to an expert.

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