What’s the Benefit of a Facebook Lookalike Audience?

February 9, 2018 Natalie Russo

Have you ever considered what your customers have in common? Do they share interests? Are they of similar ages? Maybe you noticed that most of them have pets or like the same music. With Facebook’s built in Lookalike Audiences tool, you can reach people who share commonalities with your audience: such as location, hobbies, and what kinds of posts they follow.

Why should you use this targeting tool?

Let’s say, as a business owner of a boutique store, many of your customers are women between the ages of 40-50 who also happen to like swing dancing. By using Lookalike Audience to create an ad that reaches people who share these things in common, they would more likely convert into customers!

The great thing about Lookalike Audience is that, you can use it to reach new people outside your customer list and fan-base. Also, it helps you save costs on ad spending since you aren’t wasting your efforts on people who are unlikely to buy from you. In fact, InsideFacebook.com reported that a travel site boasts 70 percent lower costs per action using Lookalike Audiences while an online shopping site saw 94 percent lower costs per checkout.

Ways to build your Lookalike Audience

There are many different ways to create your Lookalike Audience. Here’s the list of where you can build them from:

  • Fans from your Facebook page: You can reach people who are similar to those who have liked your page.
  • Custom Audiences: You can create Lookalike Audiences based on your Custom Audiences. These are audiences that were created (by importing information to Facebook) from your customer contact list, website traffic or mobile app.
  • Facebook pixel:  This is a piece of JavaScript code for your website that lets you to measure, optimize and build audiences for your ad campaigns. You can use the actions people take on your website across devices to inform who is part of your Lookalike Audience.

How to get started

You can create a Lookalike Audience in Ads Manager or Power Editor.

To create a Lookalike audience in Manager or Power Editor: (1) go to your Audiences, (2) click Create Audiences and select Create a Lookalike Audience, (3) choose your source, (4) choose the country where you’d like to find a similar set of people, (5) choose your desired audience size with the slider, and (6) click Create Audience.

Yellow Pages can help create your targeted ad

Not only can Yellow Pages experts help you create and maintain your Facebook page, they can also help you reach more customers with a variety of Facebook tools such as Lookalike Audience. Talk to an expert to learn more.

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