Ways to Grow Your Facebook Following

February 9, 2018 Seth Spriggs

Facebook is a powerful tool for connecting with new and existing customers. Doing well on Facebook can help you grow brand loyalty, increase visits to your website, and ultimately, win new business.

Best of all, Canadians are more than willing to expand their Facebook social circles to include businesses they like – according to recent research, 73 per cent of Canadian women between the ages of 18 and 34, and 58 per cent of men the same age say they like or follow at least one brand or product on Facebook. While this age group shows the highest rate of brand follows, the same research shows that older Canadians are also happy to make friends with brands on social media.

Whether you’re just starting out on Facebook or have an established audience, growing your following can increase the payoff. Here are 5 ways to gain more Facebook followers.

1. Get a vanity URL – and use it in all your marketing materials

The first and most important step to growing a Facebook following is creating a Facebook page. But the second may very well be creating a direct link to your page – Facebook.com/YourBusinessName – that you can use in your marketing materials. Facebook automatically assigns pages a longer web address, which can be difficult for customers to remember. But businesses are able to easily create a free vanity link so that you can send people directly to your page without having to search for you. If you use Yellow Pages to set up and manage your Facebook page, our experts can take care of this important step for you.

2. Make your website Facebook friendly
People who visit your website are likely already interested in you and your products or services. Make it easy for them to like you on Facebook by adding a widget so they can do so directly from your website. Adding “like” buttons to your pages also makes it easy for site visitors to share your blog posts, promotions and other content directly on Facebook, spreading the word to their friends.

3. Post great content

It’s almost too obvious, but to grow your following on Facebook you need to give fans great content – content that entertains, informs, or in some other way brings value to people’s lives. The reason why this works is twofold: first, Facebook’s newsfeed algorithm favours engaging posts, so posts people respond to get greater visibility. Second, when someone likes or comments, that action may show up in their friends’ newsfeeds – they don’t even have to be following your page for this to happen. How do you know which content is the most engaging?

You can better understand which of your posts see the most interaction by checking your Facebook analytics (Yellow Pages Facebook solution includes analytics reporting as well as expert coaching so you can better understand how to improve your posts).

4. Post video

As a business, Facebook is putting more of a priority on video that is hosted within its platform. That means if you post updates featuring videos loaded to Facebook, you have a better chance of organically showing up in people’s newsfeeds. Even better? Videos are set up to autoplay, resulting in more views and interaction.

So what makes a great Facebook video? The same thing that makes great content – it needs to give the user something of value, whether that’s information or entertainment, and be highly visual off the top to grab people’s attention (if you don’t yet have videos that showcase your business, Yellow Pages has some slick options for creating video). You may want to add a call to action at the end of the video to “like” your page for people who see your video but aren’t yet following you.

5. Ad targeting

Facebook offers some great tools for getting your page and content in front of prospective fans. Here are some of the ways you can target your paid Facebook advertising to new fans:

  • Custom audience allows you to load your email list, or a list of phone numbers or Facebook IDs. This is a great way of turning customers on your existing mailing list into new Facebook fans;

  • Age, location and gender;

  • Targeting by interests selects audiences based on their existing page likes and apps. (You may even want to think about targeting people who like your competition!)

Time to get started

If you want to benefit from Facebook, merely being on the platform isn’t enough – you need to grow your following. From scheduling posts to helping you target the right people, Yellow Pages can help you connect with the largest and most valuable audience for your business needs.

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