Facebook: Where to begin?

June 28, 2018 Catherine Pagé

Every week in this series, we explore tips, advice and rules for optimizing your company’s presence online and on social media.

Do you own a business? If so, then you’ve got to be on Facebook! Think about it: in Canada, 19 million people have a Facebook account, and 14 million check their account every day. That’s a lot of potential customers for your business! Here are four easy steps for taking advantage of this opportunity.

But first, how is it that Facebook can help you? The answer is simple: Facebook is your best ally when it comes to growing you customer base and maintaining a personal relationship with your customers, too. The more present you are on social media, the more visibility you can gain for your business and the more sales you can get, too.

1- How Facebook works

If you haven’t already, create a personal account and invite your closest friends to become friends on Facebook. Look for your favourite brands and click “like.” Then find companies similar to yours – they should be direct competitors or similar companies who serve different markets. Get inspired by those who are doing well on social media. Become more familiar with the rules of the game before you publish your first posts to market your business.

2 – Create your Facebook business page

You are now ready to create your business page. The goal: to engage your customers. Keep your posts relevant and compelling (use your imagination and a sense of humour); keep your messages short and concise (ideally between 100 and 200 characters); use pictures and video (even examples you find online can help illustrate your point); go on social media regularly to maintain a steady online presence; and encourage your customers to take action – for example, by inviting them to post a photo or leave a comment. Above all, reply to messages left on your page!

3 – Make your page known and stand out in Facebook newsfeeds

Add a Facebook link to your website and give people a good reason to follow you. For example, “Like us on Facebook to learn more about our favourites.” Even more important: make sure your Facebook posts are showing up in newsfeeds. Since a secret algorithm determines what Facebook users see, you’ll have to pay to make sure your posts stay visible. The more visibility you get, the more “likes” and comments you’ll probably get as well, and the more your posts get shared, the more visibility for your brand…It’s a virtuous cycle!

4 – Evaluate your work and celebrate your achievements

Thanks to statistics that tell you about activity on your Facebook page (Facebook Insights), you have all you need to measure the results of your hard work, to see what works best and what could be improved, and whether you should be spending even more time on your Facebook page in order to meet your objectives. If your customers are spending time here, it’s worth it!

Did you know?
As many as 62 per cent of Generation Y (those who were born between 1980 and 2000, and who also happen to play a key role on social media) follow at least one company on Facebook.

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