5 Reasons to Give Twitter Ads a Try

February 15, 2018 Caitlin McElwain

Since its inception in 2006, Twitter has become a boon for marketers for its ease of use and viral outreach. Now the ability for businesses like yours to geo-target users means you can tweet to specific people in a specific place. You can offer timely, relevant and useful information targeted at a specific area of town or even as close as a postal code. Here are five reasons to give Twitter geo-target marketing a chance.

1. It’s easy to set up 

First things first, sign up for Twitter Ads, which you can find on the desktop/laptop version of Twitter by clicking your profile photo icon on the top right of your profile and opening the drop-down menu. Once you sign up, you’ll immediately see a number of targeting options to choose from when sending out messages. The whole process takes a matter of seconds to figure out once you have your data in place. In addition to location, you can choose gender, language, device type and more.

2. You only pay for results

Twitter runs its advertising rates on a bid system. You are able to set a campaign budget, a daily budget and then decide the maximum you are willing to pay. When you are sending out Promoted Tweets, you’re only charged when a user engages with your tweet – and only the first interaction is accounted for, not other users’ retweets or comments. In a medium so dependent on sharing, that makes for a good deal. 

3. You can support your specific locations

Let’s say you’re a specialty pet-gear retailer and you’re planning to open a second location in the next town over. To avoid confusion for your customers, you can geo-target so people in each town receive only the information relevant to them. When you’re ready to open a third location in yet another town and you want to target that store and the original but not the second one, it’s simple to do that within the geo-targeting interface. Very cool and very effective.

4. You can drive walk-in traffic

Users primarily engage Twitter on their mobile devices – more than 85% of the time compared to 14% on desktops.1 The ability to reach people in the palm of their hands is very powerful. You aren’t putting up a billboard and hoping somebody walks by it. With Twitter’s geo-target capabilities, you can decide if you want to target users only on their mobile devices, and by operating system if, for example, you sell iPhone accessories. You can even drill down to the specific model. Talk about granular geo-targeting!

5. It will simplify your marketing efforts

Since Twitter’s geo-targeting came into play, businesses that once needed multiple accounts to speak to different regions or in different languages can do everything from one @handle. It’s much more convenient for a couple of reasons. First, having one @handle makes it easier for users to find you. Second, it’s more effective to send all of your marketing material from one place.

Twitter’s geo-targeting features have enabled businesses to tailor their marketing toward users who are far more likely to find the information useful and relevant – two of the biggest keys to effective marketing strategies. Take advantage of it to ensure your tweets are heading in the right direction!

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