3 Types of Facebook Posts

February 15, 2018 Caitlin McElwain

When it comes to sharing content on social media, a general rule is to “share more than you sell”. According to internationally acclaimed strategist David Scott, your social media content should be divided as follows:

  •  85% is for sharing and engaging
  • 10% of it is original content
  • 5% or less is used for promotion

This is just a general outline. You could also divide these up evenly into thirds. The main idea is rather than directly selling your product or service, grab your customers’ attention by sharing content that they can engage with.

If everything on your page is an obvious ad, it will start to look like spam and that could cause people to unlike your page. So, how do you come up with a variety of content that will keep your fans engaged? 

A great way to think about the type of content to post on Facebook is to consider your key objectives. Ask yourself:

  • What’s the purpose of this content?
  • Am I promoting an offer?
  • Informing people about my industry?
  • Providing inspiration or entertainment?

Below are three types of Facebook posts that’ll help you achieve your social media engagement goals—to inform, to delight, and to boost sales.

Informative Posts

The idea behind the informative post is to share content that gives your audience some interesting insight about your business or industry. It may be something original or something that you’ve curated from another source. These posts could be a link to a news article or blog, or a status with some tips and best practices.

If you are a wedding planner, you could share some articles about popular wedding venues in your area or some do-it-yourself wedding ideas. If you have a yoga studio, you could post some information about a different yoga gear and what they are used for. Maybe that will even lead them to purchasing some of your products!

Also share customer reviews and stories. People are compelled by personal stories because they are so relatable. Not all of your posts need to include text; images and videos are highly effective when it comes to leaving an impact.

Inspiring or Entertaining Posts

You’ve probably seen plenty of these on your social newsfeed. That's because they’re so engaging and capture people’s attention. This could take on the form of a viral internet meme or an inspirational quote box or an interesting story. 

When it comes to sharing these types of posts, make sure that it resonates with your target audience. Does it reflect their sense of humour? Does it help them feel good? Does it relate to their own story?

Posting content catered to your audience’s preferences will ensure that it’s interesting and engaging. After all, the more comments, likes and shares you have, the more your business will get noticed.

Promotional Posts

This leaves one last point: posts that’ll help boost your sales. The only reason to spend time on social media in the first place is so that you can engage with more customers and have them warm up to you before you promote your product and/or service. 

Facebook ads, special offers, and Facebook events are examples of promotional posts. The great thing with Facebook is that you can use their targeting tools to reach people according to specific categories such as location, interests, and demographic. 

With these kinds of posts in mind, you now have the groundwork done, so all you need to do is create engaging Facebook posts.

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