Where Can I Find Video My Audience Will Love?

February 5, 2018 Natalie Russo

There’s no doubt about it: if you’re looking to connect with customers online in order to grow your business and increase revenue, video is an important part of your toolkit.

Video supports many of the key goals of digital marketing:

And perhaps the best stat of all: website visitors who view a video are up to 174 percent more likely to make a purchase than non-video viewers.

While there’s a compelling case for video, for many small and medium-sized businesses, the barriers to using this powerful driver may seem high. Often, video can seem like an expensive endeavour that requires special tools, production facilities and staff that look like stars on camera.

But perceptions can be deceiving. There are lots of cost-effective ways even small businesses can reap the rewards of video. Here are four ways of sourcing videos your audience will be sure to love.

1. User-generated videos

Let your customers do the talking! User-generated videos (sometimes called UGC for user generated content) are a great way to incorporate footage of real, satisfied customers enjoying your products or services or demonstrating how you’ve solved their problem or met their needs. Since many people get a kick out of their moment of internet fame, asking for submissions can often be enough to start generating a flow of customer videos – but you can also solicit videos (and grow interest and brand loyalty) through contests, theme days and other fun initiatives. User-generated videos may not look as slick or polished as professional ones, but presented within the right context, they can be a fun addition to your mix that also highlights the authenticity of your brand.

2. DIY tools

These days, anyone with a smartphone can shoot and edit their own videos, or even turn static pictures into something a little more animated. There are numerous free or inexpensive online tools that allow you to turn photos into compelling video slideshows, adding elements such as music and animation to bring your pictures to life. Two to check out: Nutshell, an app that lets you turn any three photos into a mini-movie, and Animoto, which offers lots of neat add-ons. For short, fun, on-the-fly videos, you can even use an app such as Snapchat and then save the video to your phone for use on other platforms.

3. Stock video

Stock video databases such as Shutterstock and Getty allow you to search for and purchase previously-shot footage. You can then use this on your website or social media profiles, either as is or edited together with your own footage to create something more unique. Stock footage can be a great way of obtaining professional footage that may otherwise be difficult or expensive to source. The caveat is that because anyone can purchase and use the same clips, it can be harder to differentiate your brand.

4. Custom professional videos

Professionally shot videos allow your business to put its best face forward, telling your brand story, or the story of your products, services or team, in a more polished way. With Yellow Pages’ custom video package , you can inspire new customer and appeal to their values and emotions with a 30-45 second professional HD video. The video production is hassle-free, as our team of pros will work around your schedule and take care of all the strategic and technical aspects of the shoot. After the shoot, a dedicated project coordinator and creative team will work with you in order to get your video to reflect your business’ values. A strong promotional video can help bring your business to life and increase your visibility, especially on social media.

Compelling video: Why limit yourself to just one?

There are lots of ways small businesses can source or produce videos their audience will love – without breaking the bank. But why limit yourself to just one type? From fun, off-the-cuff segments contributed by your customers to slick, professional video that gives your business the star treatment, different types of videos highlight various aspects and attributes of your business. And research shows combining approaches may be most effective for turning views into sales: one study from comScore found that showing customers a mix of user-generated videos and professionally-shot how-to videos results in a bigger sales lift than either format on its own. Contact Yellow Pages to get started with your video today.

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