4 reasons why video content is your friend

June 28, 2018 Catherine Pagé


Business owners are not new to the power of video content, but many might not realize just how effective video content can be when it comes to promoting their business. Videos can create a unique experience where the viewer will take the time to listen and engage with the content. Furthermore, video content creates a strong connection to your viewer, which subsequently instills confidence in a business’ brand. Video content has proven to drive up conversions, especially as it pertains to online shopping. Let’s take a look at how video content can help you optimize your business’ digital presence.

Video is trendy

In a world where consumers have the luxury of choice between a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone, video content is accessible on all these platforms. Three-quarters of Internet users watch at least one video per week! Videos enable businesses to convey a message in a clear and creative fashion to their target audience. Videos have grown in importance in the last few years on social media platforms and have become essential in a business’ multi-channel marketing campaign.

When brainstorming possible video ideas for your business’ marketing campaign, it is important to focus on the needs of your potential customers. It’s important to identify the themes that matter most to them so that you may position your products as the answer to their query. As they say, seeing is believing!

Video can increase brand awareness

Seven out of 10 Internet users say they have a better opinion of companies that produce videos. The use of videos perpetuates an image of professionalism and expertise that provides a business with instant credibility in the eyes of customers. The work and production quality of a video can allow customers to learn much more about your products and will instill a stronger sense of confidence in a business’ brand. Videos help create a better user experience and create trust between the business and their potential customers right away.

It’s important not to fill your video with too much content, as you simply can’t squeeze in everything you want to say without hurting the presentation of your product. It is essential to be simple and concise with your core message, as it should generally last between 60 to 90 seconds at most. The goal of your video is entice viewers to follow your brand and engage with your content.

Video influences buyer behavior

Consumers spend a significant amount of time researching on various products before eventually making a purchase. In as such, a video that is both informative and engaging will be extremely helpful and valuable for customers. Approximately three quarters of users who watch a video about a product end up completing a sale, which speaks to the power of a video in influencing consumer behavior. Videos allow you to maintain and grow your business’ digital presence while also attracting new value customers in the process. What’s not to like?

When brainstorming a video centric campaign, it is important to come up with a realistic budget. It isn’t necessary for one to overspend on equipment in order to make an engaging video. The focus should be on the quality of your message and the originality of your delivery. Make sure your message is geared to your audience, be it students, businesses, parents, etc. It is important to tailor your message to your target audience’s interests and values.

Videos can lead to more sales

There is a strong correlation between the use of video content and increased sales results. In order to maximize your potential number of conversions, your video must be well executed and pertinent to your customer’s needs. Ensuring good quality resolution and sound is essential in making your video must-see. It may take some time, but, once your video goes viral, it can be a very huge boom in potential clientele. Including a message that could entice viewers to not only engage in but also share with their own social media circles. Needless to say, the likelihood of a video being shared is much higher than simple text or images. They grab the attention of viewers on social media by occupying the whole screen and generate meaningful reactions to the content.

With social media and content management platforms looking to further accommodate video content on their respective servers, now is the time to try or enhance your video development experience.


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