How to Promote Your Video to Get Customers to Buy

February 5, 2018 Seth Spriggs

With over a billion users, YouTube has quickly become the second most widely used search engine in the world. The colossal video watching site is a place for people to share fun ideas, useful tips and the odd cat video. But, all fun and games aside, video is a great way for you to promote your business and attract more customers.

Once you’ve created a video, the next step is to promote your video so that people can find it. You can’t just put your content up on the web and expect people to stumble upon it. In fact, many search engines will not give you a high ranking until you’ve shown that a lot of people are interested in what you have to say.

First steps

Before you promote your video using ads, make sure that it’s set up so you can grow your viewers organically, for free. These initial steps will get you ready for success once you add promotion to the mix.

1. Fill in all of the details

No matter where you host your video you need to create text to go with it. The main text fields that should be filled out are the title, description, and keywords or tags. Depending on your hosting platform, the way you fill these fields will be different. For instance, if you are displaying your video on your website, the title would be the name of the page and the description text would be built into the rest of the page. Most hosting sites, like YouTube, give you places to add the details: be sure to complete all of them.

2. Follow SEO best practices

As you create the text for each of the fields you’ll want to keep SEO best practices in mind. You’ll need to create a list of keywords and use them within the video title and description. But, be careful, overusing keywords or using the same keyword over and over is a no-no. To make the Googlebots happy, you need to make your text sound human.

3. Create a great thumbnail

Along with a great title and text description, you need to create a thumbnail that stands out. A thumbnail image is a small image that shows up when people search for a video. It’s usually a still image from your video but you can set it to whatever you like. A great way to get your image to pop is by using contrasting colours or unexpected visuals. Whatever you do, make sure your thumbnail is attractive to the eye since it will help drive lots of traffic to your video.

Ways to promote

1. Use social media

Social media is a natural bet when it comes to promoting your video. Most video platforms allow you to share your video on Facebook and other social media sites quickly and easily from the same page where your video is found. This makes it simple for your fans to post your video so that their friends will be able to see your amazing content.

TIP: To get the video sharing started, post your video on your Facebook business page first.

2. Tell everyone you know

Although it might feel like everyone you know is on Facebook, you likely have a few friends and family members who aren’t on the social media site. Once your video is online, be sure to share the video with your staff and customers. You should also share the video in your email newsletter and think about adding a callout in your print materials, like brochures or flyers.

3. Put some media behind your video

You can only promote your video so much within the people you know; to reach new customers you’ll need to create a video ad. With a video ad, you have the ability to target a specific group of people so it’s easy to reach your ideal customer [link op]. Plus, if your content is strong you won’t need to spend too much money on ads because your new viewers will want to share it with their friends. Ads are like adding gas to the fire.

Get help from the pros

Create a lasting impression with your customers and stand out from your competition. Our professionals will take care of scripting, setup and even add professional voice-overs and visual effects if you want. And because it is your video, you own it. Period. Find out how to get your video off the ground.

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