5 Great Video Ideas for Promoting Small Businesses

February 2, 2018 Caitlin McElwain

As the old expression goes, don’t just tell people, show them. Video is a great way to bring your business to life for potential customers, and it’s also a great way to amplify your other digital marketing efforts, boosting your rankings and engagement on search engines and social media, and improving website metrics such as visits and time spent.

Customers like video too. Research has found that 96 percent of consumers find videos helpful when making purchasing decisions online and nearly three quarters of consumers are more likely to buy a product if they can watch an online video that explains it. Video is an especially important part of the strategy here in Canada, where the average consumer watches more than 40 hours a month of online video – more than anywhere else in the world.

Creating engaging videos doesn’t require high-tech in-house production facilities or other pricey resources – in fact, Yellow Pages offers professional, cost efficient video solutions which have you covered on all aspects of production, from scripting and setup to voiceovers and visual effects.

Whether you’re leaving your video creation to the pros or shooting your own on an iPhone, here are some top video ideas to get you started. 

1. Share your back story

Often when people make purchase decisions they’re buying something more than just a product or service. Don’t underestimate the power of creating an emotional connection to your brand (and remember that no business is too small to think of itself as a brand). A video telling your business’s story – who you are and why you do what you do – is a great way to establish that connection and differentiate your business from other interchangeable products. The emphasis should be on storytelling with personality – think about sharing details such as how you were inspired to go into business or how you and your partner met. 

2. Show your expertise

How-to videos and tutorials provide value to viewers by giving them useful information while positioning you and/or your employees as local experts in your field. Answering common problems is also a great way to capture search traffic from people looking for the solutions your business provides. To get started, think about the questions you’re most commonly asked or typical pain points related to your industry that can easily be explained and solved. Use long tail keywords – the full search phrase people looking for an answer to this problem are likely to use – in your video title and description to boost your SEO.

3. Let your customers do the talking

Testimonials from happy customers are an important way of growing trust and credibility for your business. Short video testimonials are an especially great way to add authenticity and further your brand storytelling strategy because instead of just reading about how you solve problems for your customers, viewers will be able to hear and see the impact your business has had on real people, and envision how you might be able to help them too.

4. Show your products or services in action

While case studies are a great way to illustrate the difference your product or service can make for customers, there’s no substitute for seeing it in action. Product and service demonstrations allow you to actually show people what you can do for them (and to highlight value differentiators such as how easy your product is to set up and use or how quickly it works).

5. Invite people behind the scenes

Everybody loves being let in on a secret – and bringing people behind the scenes or providing them with insider access is a great way of using this principle to grow brand affinity. Behind-the-scenes tours of your production facility, interviews with staff, or sneak peeks of new services or merchandise are all great ways to make viewers feel in-the-know while at the same time, imparting important information about your business and how you are different from your competitors.

Professional custom video – it’s easier than you think

Videos are a great way to drive brand engagement and sales, along with important digital marketing metrics such as website visits and time spent. And with Yellow Pages video experts, it’s easier (and more cost efficient!) than you might think to create original, professional quality videos guaranteed to bring your brand to life.

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