Quality Over Quantity: The Importance of Content

January 20, 2020 Marco D’Amico

There’s simply no better way to command the spotlight and grab your customer’s attention than engaging content that will get people hooked. Small, medium and large businesses spend their time brainstorming new forms of content on a daily basis in order to release fresh and entertaining forms of media to separate themselves from their competition. The benefit of content marketing and the use of content for brand awareness is that anyone can do it – even the little guy!

That’s right, creating an organic form of content (image, video, picture or podcast) is so easy that anyone could do it with a minimal amount of equipment. Creating content tailored to your audience’s tastes and lifestyle (podcasts being an excellent form of content for consumers that have long commutes) can help your business expand its reach and redefine your brand.

How does content marketing hold up against other forms of acquisition strategies like paid search or social media campaigns? Content marketing considerably outperforms paid search. Researchers have been able to show that content marketing generates about 3 times more leads for every dollar spent. (Content Marketing ROI, Kapost, 2018)

To give you a leg up on the competition, let’s take a look at what types of new and engaging content you can utilize in order to stand out from the crowd:


Show Off Your Brand

When it comes to creating original content, nothing grabs someone’s attention on a website or social media page quite like a video. If you have a product, event or offer, creating a webinar/ organic video is a great way to start. Using a webinar to spread your message has become extremely popular in recent years, as over 87% of businesses who’ve used webinars found them effective. (Wyzowl, 2018)

Setting up a webinar isn’t too hard; all you need is good lighting and a good camera (found on most current smartphones).  When planning out your content, remember that the average webinar time range is between 30 to 45 minutes long, but feel free to take less time or break up your film into episodes.

Posting these webinars on a business’s social media page or website can have a huge effect on the way consumers perceive its brand and products. In fact, webinars generate high-quality leads for sales. Webinars come with a ton of information about your prospects you can use to identify high-quality, sales-ready leads. (Hubspot, 2018)


Write Your Story!

Don’t feel like you have the knowledge or persona for filming and editing? No problem, as 77% of consumers online still enjoy a good old read on their down time, especially as it pertains to blogs. (Editor's Choice, 2019)

Although 59% of business-to-business marketers say they don’t have a concrete content marketing plan, close to 50% of marketers say, given the chance to start their content marketing over, they would focus on blogging. (Databox, 2018)

Having a blog that a business updates once a week with new products, events, trends or promotions can go a long way in helping increase its following and sales trends over time. Recent studies have found that 61% of consumers have made a purchase after reading a blog recommendation in the past. (Content Marketing Institute, 2018)


Get Your Voice Heard

 If someone simply wants to produce something straightforward where they can have a conversation about trends, products or promotions that pertain to their business, then the use of a podcast could certainly be a great and fresh content stream to consider.  Podcasts are very popular among consumers, as 76.8% of people listen to podcasts for more than 7 hours each week. (Podcast Trends Report, 2018).

The reason why podcasts are so popular? They don’t demand your visual attention and can be consumed while doing other tasks! A recent study from Podcast Trends found that commuting (78.5%), doing housework (65.4%), and free time (55.2%) were the most reported activities when people listen to podcasts (The Podcast Trends Report, 2018). This shows how flexible podcasts can be as a form of content.

However, besides their high convenience as consumable content, podcasts are extremely effective at product and brand promotion.  A recent study from Nielsen found that 61% of the listeners are more likely to purchase an advertised product when they hear it on a podcast compared to 56% when they don’t hear an ad. (Nielsen, 2018) This shows a significant promotional ability for podcasts.


Content Is King

With over 78% of chief marketing officers seeing content marketing as the future of marketing, you can’t afford to miss out on this growing trend. (Demand Metric, 2018) As recently as last year, 60% of marketers created at least one piece of content per day, which goes to show the growing importance of content online as it pertains to purchasing behavior and brand awareness. (EMarketer, 2018) The more developed the content strategy, the more chances a business will have to engage with new customers and increase sales.

Ultimately, taking advantage of the rapidly changing way consumers are engaging with new forms of content can seem like a big endeavor, but the potential return is proven to be very high. Businesses that have invested heavily in content have seen spikes in engagement, sales and brand awareness that they could not have found in paid search marketing. We strongly believe any business can stand to benefit from more exposure like this, even the little guys!



A business should always consider looking into where would be the best place to promote their content before creating it. We strongly believe that original and thoughtful content will always get the attention of consumers, and that it’s more a question of where, rather than when.

If you don’t have a website or have a website in need of an overhaul, then consider Yellow Pages Website product, as their experts can tailor their design and layout to promote your new forms of content and get you access to more high-intent consumers today!

Should you wish to post your content on social media but are unsure of where to post the content and how to promote it, then Yellow Pages has you covered with their in-depth Facebook Solutions. They’ll be able to promote your content to make sure you connect with new and existing customers and build relationships with them through quality content and conversation.

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