How to Get Search Engines to Find and Prioritize Your Website

February 19, 2018 Seth Spriggs

Being favoured by Google and Bing can do big things for your small business. The better they rank you, the more likely consumers are to visit your site and use your services. So how do you, in the deep sea of pages online, swim closer to the top? To get search engines to find your website, continue with your current SEO strategies, such as keeping content fresh and using keywords, and take the following three steps.

1.Link Up

Search engines will consider your business more authoritative and advance you in their ranks when you have external links to your site. The more links, especially from businesses in the same category as yours, the better your site is in the eyes of Google and Bing.

So, in your effort to get search engines to find your website, befriend local organizations and ask them to participate in a link-building partnership (where each party promotes the other’s site). Also make sure that your URL is listed on online directories such as and Yelp.

2.Be Mobile Friendly 

Since so much surfing happens on smartphones and tablets, Google is now favouring sites that are mobile compatible, meaning that your clientele can read and navigate web pages from their smartphones. To determine if your site is compatible, take this free test. And if you need to update your website so it’s easy to access from a mobile device, call in help from a webmaster or do it yourself with Google’s directions on how to make your site mobile friendly

3.Join NetSync

To get search engines to find your website, use their services to promote your small business. They like it when you do that and, as such, will make your site more visible to clients. Using Google My Business or Bing Places for Business ensures that you’ll more readily pop up in searches and on maps, and it allows you to network with other local businesses (link up!), receive consumers and promote on social media. Do daily updates, as fresh content helps gain more attention from search engines and potential customers.

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