Grow Your Business with Priority Placement on YP’s Digital Network

November 25, 2020 Stephan Tremblay

Are you sure all your potential customers can find you online? Would you like more leads to grow your business? On any given month, more than eight million Canadians search for businesses in their area on for mobile and desktop, and on the YP app.

“’s mission is to connect people with people. is the go-to destination to find businesses near you to address your needs—whether you’re looking for a plumber or a dentist or where to find flowers for your better half,” says Pascale Hennebert-Faulkner, a Yellow Pages Senior Product Manager. “ allows businesses to engage with ready-to-buy customers,” she adds. “When people are coming to, it's because they are ready to complete a transaction. In fact, converts one out of three visits to our platform, a ratio we are very proud of.”

That’s an impressive statistic in an age where attention spans are becoming shorter and competition for that attention continues to grow.

Go to the head of the line

“A placement product is a Yellow Pages service where you are purchasing a ranking,” Pascale continues. The more you spend, the higher you rank. And the higher you could rank, the more potential customers you reach. When you advertise with Placement, it’s like jumping to the front of the line, your profile ranking ahead of the competition in search results.

The process begins by speaking with a digital sales advisor, who helps you decide between placing a local advertisement or a guaranteed placement. With more than 2.2M listings on, local ads rank you ahead of your competition. Guaranteed placements go one step further, ranking you in the top 12 places, which is where customers click 80% of the time. And when you’re at the top of search results, making connections with potential customers is much easier.

Get your message heard

Once you sign up, you’re given access to the Yellow Pages for Business platform to create your branded business profile to help sell your business to potential customers, offering them information about your products or services—and the more the better. “The more advertisers add content to their business profile, the more convincing they will be,” Pascale says. Rather than just listing your address and phone number, advertisers are encouraged to include pictures of their product or services, videos, and detailed descriptions, along with business hours and social links. “We have determined that advertisers can get over 25% more leads simply by sharing details and complete information,” Pascale says.

If you want to update your information, you can do that at any time. If you have special business hours or deals that you want to let people know about, you can do that from Yellow Pages for Business as well.

“Yellow Pages for Business is also where you can find reporting on how well your ad is doing, and get insights about how people are finding you,” Pascale says. This lets you see the value of your ad. You can make advertising decisions based on facts.

Partner with the best

Yellow Pages Placement product gives you visibility outside of the network as well, with partners including Apple Maps, Yahoo!, and more, with links to your profile in their search results.

In all, Placement products deliver considerable value to advertisers, further demonstrating why is the number-one Canadian platform connecting small- and medium-sized businesses to their current and potential customers.

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