Do I Need to Be on Facebook?

February 14, 2018 Caitlin McElwain

We’ve come a long way from the early days of Facebook where the network seemed like all cat photos and what people ate for breakfast. Recent research shows that six in 10 Canadian adults use Facebook, visiting an average of nine times a week or more than once per day.

This means the answer to whether your business needs to be on Facebook is a resounding YES. For local businesses, in particular, Facebook offers some great way to connect with nearby customers and to spread word of mouth about your business. Best of all, Yellow Pages’ Facebook solution offers fully-managed Facebook strategies, which means that from setting up your page to scheduling posts and creating ad campaigns, you can leave it all to the experts.

Here are some Facebook features that specifically benefit local businesses:

Facebook pages

Facebook pages have some great features to promote local businesses, including maps and detailed contact information, business hours, and the ability to add assets such as menus and lists of services. Customers can review your business directly on your Facebook page or use the site’s messaging functions to ask you questions. Customizable call to action buttons means you can directly drive your business objectives – whether that’s encouraging customers to download a coupon or to check out your new inventory – right from your page header.

Having a page also means that when customers frequent your business, they can “check in,” creating an update that links directly back to your page. Last but not least, all of these assets are mobile optimized, making it easy for people to access important information about your business when they are on the go – and in decision-making mode.

Local awareness ads

Local targeting features on Facebook allow you to specifically reach people who are within your geographical region, whether or not they have already liked your page. You can even target ads to people who have already visited your website. Facebook offers lots of ad targeting opportunities – and Yellow Pages has the expertise to cost-effectively manage both the creative and execution of these on your behalf.

Verified business badges

Much like the tiny blue checkmark that allows users to verify that the page they are on is officially connected to a celebrity or media outlet, Facebook is rolling out verified badges for local businesses. The badges, which display right next to your business name in the Facebook header, are aimed at helping customers find the legitimate Facebook pages associated with nearby local businesses. Having a badge will also give businesses a boost in their Facebook search results. Businesses can claim their badge by verifying their publically listed local phone number or uploading a business document such as a phone bill.

It’s time to start reaching more customers

With its combination of massive local reach and impressive targeting and information features, Facebook offers powerful opportunities to connect with local consumers. Yellow Pages’ Facebook solution makes it especially easy for businesses to get started using this vital platform.

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