7 Ways to Get Listed in Local Business Directories

February 19, 2018 Caitlin McElwain

Nowadays, three out of four consumers looking for local businesses turn to online directories for help, so it really pays to get listed. Here are a seven handy tips on how to increase your visibility online and reach even more potential clients.

1. YP.ca

There’s no better place to start than by listing your business on YP.ca. It’s totally free and you get a profile that includes your business name and contact information, plus a reviews and ratings section that can really help your business stand out. And not only does YP.ca attract over eight million visitors per month, but your business information will also appear in search results on Google, Yahoo! and Bing.

2. Weblocal.ca

Another completely free resource to have among your tools is Weblocal.ca, where users can go to find businesses in any location in Canada. Once they’ve tried a business, they can leave comments about the quality of their experience for future clients. Research shows that 70% of site visitors trust and are influenced by these comments,1which can mean valuable word of mouth for you.

3. Canadian Company Capabilities

This is a promotional database that lists over 60,000 Canadian companies. It’s absolutely free, and you can register online after creating an Industry Canada user account. And there are many industry associations out there that maintain similar directories you might want to look into.

4. Check with your local chamber of commerce

Consider joining your local chamber of commerce. Why? It usually maintains a member directory your customers can consult. That’s a great way to get more local exposure.

5. Spread the word on social networks

Boost your local visibility by becoming more active on social networks, whose popularity is on the rise. Between 2010 and 2012, the number of Canadian internet users actively on social networks rose from 58% to 67%.2 So why not create a Facebook page for your business under the Local Business or Place category? The stronger your online presence, the better your chances of appearing in search results.

6. Don’t limit yourself to one directory

There are lots of business directories in Canada to choose from, like Bing Places for BusinessiBeginYelpYalwaand the Canadian Business Directory to name just a few. Some are free, while some charge, with prices depending on the type of ad you choose. Suss out which solution best suits your business needs and budget. Remember to look into directories specifically for your profession or field of work.

7. Why not kick your online marketing up a notch?

YP.ca offers a whole host of products and services that cover a variety of specific marketing needs. There’s a solution for every budget! Websitesvirtual business profiles, premium visibility products for online and mobile, a Facebook Solutionmobile placementSEO and SEM services and Smart Digital Display are just a few of the YellowPages power tools for reaching more potential clients. Generating more leads has never been easier or more affordable!




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