YP Print Directory Gets a New Look

July 22, 2021 Josianne Auclair

You may be used to finding the familiar Yellow Pages directory on your doorstep once a year, but did you know there are 300 local editions of the directory that helps Canadians shop their neighbourhood? And each summer, the phone book gets a fresh face. This year, the new cover design sports an on-brand yellow look with a striking illustrated motif.

“We want the user to pick it up, recognize it right away and say, ‘Oh, this is the latest edition, the new one for this year,’” says Franca Nassivera, Senior Product Manager at YP who works on the directory.

“This year, we've really showcased the businesses,” Franca says. “We created a set of icons to represent all our different advertisers – roofers, dentists, mechanics, lawyers, electricians and more – to mirror what’s going on inside the directory,” she says.

Helping local businesses thrive.

Helen Pearce, YP’s Senior Manager Supply Chain & Logistics at YP, says that readers like searching for businesses with a tactile product. “It's alphabetized, it's intuitive, it's easy to find a heading and to find someone locally,” she says, adding that buying local has been a big part of the pandemic recovery efforts. “The print version is a preferred approach for people looking for what they need to preserve the local economy.”

The idea of supporting local businesses has always been paramount at YP, another reason why the new design shines the spotlight on local merchants. “People tell us that with our print directory, it’s like their local community is right there in their hands,” Franca adds. “It’s a tangible, trusted part of print media, really connecting businesses with consumers.”

Getting your services into the right hands.

Nationally, millions of copies are printed and delivered by Canada Post across Canada using a targeted distribution model. The Yellow Pages 2021 print directory won’t go to every single household, but is instead delivered to areas with households that data has shown are most likely to use the directory.

“We work with an analytics company and use both our own and external survey data to really pinpoint neighbourhoods that responded to using the directory to find products and services,” Franca explains. “We make sure we're delivering the directory to people that are going to make good use of it.”

Distribution numbers within each region can range from 1,000 in smaller areas to over 200,000 copies in larger markets.

Delivering positive, measurable results.

“We know that when some people pick up the directory, it’s because they have a need – an emergency, a life event – and they have to find somebody quickly,” says Franca. “Three out of four people who use the book are going to contact the business – and half of those are new customers.”

Call tracking measures the effectiveness of the advertising, making it easy for businesses to know how many customers they’re reaching through the print directory. And those results prompt upwards of 80% of advertisers to renew their print campaigns with YP. “They’re advertising time and again because they know what works for them, and they want to make sure that they're staking their presence among all their competitors,” Franca points out.

“We provide extreme value,” Helen adds. “Advertisers love the fact that we are a turnkey solution – and users look to us as their tactile, trusted advisor.”


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