What Are HyLoMo Ads?

February 1, 2018 Natalie Russo

For local businesses, leveraging nearby foot traffic to attract customers is not a new thing. Flyers and window displays are just a couple of age-old tactics businesses have employed to lure nearby shoppers from the sidewalk into the store.

But while offline methods require people to actually walk past your business or display to grab their attention, location-based targeting takes this tried-and-true method of reaching potential customers into the mobile age.

Hyperlocal mobile ads – HyLoMo for short – allow businesses to zero in on members of the 85 percent of Canadian households who own a mobile phone, delivering to them targeted ads and content. You may already be familiar with regular mobile ads, which reach people who are using smartphones and tablets regardless of their location. HyLoMo ads take this idea a step further, targeting people who are within close proximity to your business.

The advantages of this – getting in front of people who are nearby and ready to buy – may seem obvious. But HyLoMo ads are more than just a win for local businesses. By focusing on such a specific group, businesses can also deliver messaging that is more directly useful to the people seeing their ads; this added relevance may be one reason why hyperlocal mobile ads get 50 percent more clicks than other mobile ads.

In other words, consumers can easily access relevant information, businesses reach people who are immediately positioned to stop by and make a purchase – and everybody wins.

How do HyLoMo ads work?

So how do HyLoMo ads reach these valuable local consumers? Through mobile phones’ location targeting features. These allow consumers to choose to share their GPS data with an app or website in order to make the experience more relevant.

Once a consumer agrees to share their location information, the app or website will have access to that person’s GPS coordinates. Often, these coordinates are then shared with ad networks in order to surface more relevant advertisements.

On the advertiser end, HyLoMo ads are similar to other types of targeting, which allow businesses to determine who sees their ads based on criteria they can select. In the case of HyLoMo ads, location or “radius” is the primary element used to determine audience – typically advertisers “geo-fence” a zone around their location, and people within that zone would see the ad. Businesses can also layer on additional types of targeting such as keyword use to really home in on nearby people who are most likely to be interested in their products or services.

Are there different types of HyLoMo ads?

While all HyLoMo ads basically work the same way as far as targeting, there are many different places hyperlocal mobile ads can appear. Talking to a Yellow Pages expert is a great way to pinpoint which platforms may work best for your business.

Here are some of the top options:

  • Search ads appear on search engine results pages after a consumer enters a query. Search can be a particularly effective way to target people nearby who are interested in your offerings because you can tie ads to specific keywords (even your competition’s name!) that denote someone who is looking for products or services like yours.
  • Social media platforms such as Facebook can serve your advertising or content to people nearby whether or not they have liked or followed your business. Commonly, these ads show up in people’s newsfeeds while they are utilizing the platform’s app.
  • Display ads appear on third-party websites and apps so that people encounter them as they go about their regular mobile activities.

Remember: Your next customer is just a few steps away

It’s hard to beat the immediacy and effectiveness of tools that can get your message in front of interested customers who are just steps from your door. Whether via search enginesFacebook targeting or Smart Digital Display, Yellow Pages can help you reach nearby customers and develop winning creative to bring them right to your door.

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