Successful Promotions to Try in Online Ads

February 1, 2018 Seth Spriggs

Who doesn’t love a special offer? Consumers seeking local businesses certainly do. Online ads are already a great way to zero in on nearby consumers who are actively looking for products or services like yours. But to take it a step further, using that ad to deliver a special offer or promotion can make people even more receptive to your message, incenting them to take desired actions such as coming into your store, sharing their location or signing up for your email list.

While ads offering discounts or freebies tend to perform well, you don’t actually have to give anything away for free for consumers to believe they are getting something of value. You should, however, put thought into the action you most want people who see your ad to take – whether that’s coming into your store, requesting a quote or demo, signing up for your email list, or some other action – and how you might connect your offer directly to that behaviour.

Here are some tried-and-true offers and promotions to use in your online advertising campaign. These can be effective whether you are advertising on Facebook, a search engine, or display network.

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So go ahead, make your customers an offer they can’t refuse with one of these incentives:

  • Freebies: “Buy one, get one free,” “free gift with purchase” and similar deals can be enticing for value-minded shoppers, and if you are using retargeting (where your ad is shown to someone who has already visited your website), this type of offer may be just the push that’s needed to convert a website visitor from merely curious about your product into a customer. But there are other things you can tout as free that provide value without requiring you to give away products or services:

    • Free quote

    • Free consultation

    • Free white paper

    • Free gift wrapping

    • Free delivery

    • Free installation

    • Free at-home demo

    • Free trial

  • Discounts: There are several ways to frame discount offers in your ads – you can promise customers a percentage off, reduction by dollar amount, credit, coupons, or more. Whatever the offer, you may get better results if you frame it in terms of the savings you are extending and not the resulting price. For example, if the offer reduces the price of your product from $50 to $40, offer 20% off or $10 off, vs. focusing on the resulting cost.

  • Time-sensitive offers: Add a sense of urgency to your advertising by creating offers that are time sensitive. This can be an especially effective technique if you are targeting local foot traffic using device or geo-targeting – for example, you can try “door crasher” promotions for specific products or even offering something tempting (but unrelated to your actual business) such as free hot chocolate in-store on a chilly day.

  • Loyalty points: Loyalty clubs and other frequent customer schemes can be a great way to incent people to become regular customers, instead of just making a one-off purchase. If your business has such a plan, consider offering in your ads bonus points for signing up, making a first purchase, or for customers who refer their friends.

Reach the right customers with Yellow Pages

Targeting the right consumer is an important first step in online advertising, but the second half of the equation is getting people to click on your ad or take some other desired action. Special offers and promotions can be a great way to get better results from your online advertising; whatever the platform, Yellow Pages can help you to extend your reach to the right customers.

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