Should I Use Retargeting?

February 1, 2018 Seth Spriggs

When it comes to romance, the notion of chasing the one that got away invokes arduous work and uncertain rewards. But for businesses, chasing the one that got away is fairly simple – and it can yield powerful returns.

Retargeting is a way local businesses can show their ads specifically to people who have already visited their website, but for one reason or another, left without making contact or a purchase. Businesses can also use retargeting to deliver ads to past customers who may not have come into your location or made a purchase in a while. In both cases, retargeting is available for searchdisplay and even social media advertising (and whatever platform you choose, Yellow Pages can help you manage the entire process, from developing creative to deploying the ads to your targeted audience).

According to studies, for every 100 visits to retail websites, only about three actually result in a sale. Retargeting can boost this number, known as the conversion rate, to rates as high as 50-60 percent. The reason retargeting is so effective is because you are showing your ads to people who have already demonstrated an interest in your service or product.

So who should use retargeting? Based on the demonstrated effectiveness of this tactic, most marketers say any business looking to improve conversions.

Here are some circumstances where retargeting can be particularly effective:

You’re looking to grow brand awareness

Retargeting your ads to audiences searching for your category of business – but not necessarily your business in particular – can be a great way to grow name recognition for your offering. 

Your site gets a lot of one-off visitors

Your analytics report can be a great tool for determining when you should use retargeting. If you get a lot of one-time visitors who don’t convert, or even people who come to your site multiple times without making a purchase, retargeting can help you close the deal.

You want to grow repeat business

Typically, retargeting works via cookies, which is where a small, unobtrusive bit of Javascript is left on the browser of anyone who visits your site. This Javascript is then used to target ads in the future. But businesses can also use email addresses to target their ads, which makes it easy to reconnect with previous customers. If you’re looking to grow repeat business, consider using retargeting to show tailored messages to very recent customers or to past customers who haven’t made a purchase lately. Thank you or welcome back incentives can work well for these groups.

Connect your message with your most valuable audience

While advertising used to be a shot in the dark, online targeting makes it easy to ensure you get the right message in front of the people who are most interested in your business. Whatever platform you’re looking to advertise on, Yellow Pages makes it easy for local businesses to deliver the most effective messaging to people who are looking for businesses exactly like yours.

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