Hyperlocal Advertising: 50% More Effective

January 31, 2018 Seth Spriggs

The popularity of mobile devices means interesting new possibilities for small-business owners: hyperlocal ads, which obtain a 50% higher click rate than other mobile ads.* With a hyperlocal advertising model, you can now target advertisements to potential clients located in very precise geographic areas, sometimes within a few blocks. You can also target customers near your place of business – and even those near your competitors! Here’s how hyperlocal mobile display advertising can work for you.

Such high performance is possible with hyperlocal ads because they’re displayed with surgical precision. In addition to carefully determining the geographic area:

  • You determine the days and times the ad is displayed.
    Let’s say you’re a merchant who wants to promote your lawn mowers, and you only want your ads to appear when a potential customers are in the suburbs, on a street where most people own their home. You can choose to have your ad appear only on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday evenings – when your potential customers are most active. TIP: Verify which days and times your website sees the most traffic (it’s most likely when your customers are shopping).
  • You can hone your ads to weather conditions. 
    People don’t think about lawn mowers when it’s raining, so you can choose to automatically display your ads only when nice weather is in store. No need to check the weather yourself!
  • You can link your ads to keywords.
    Ads can appear when potential customers search for a keyword or when this keyword appears in the content that they read. In our example, this could be any keywords related to gardening.

You want to find the best balance for your business, and by using selective criteria, your ads will be carefully targeted. That means they will be seen by a smaller number of people, but those people will have a higher potential of becoming your customers. Alternatively, more flexible criteria mean ads will reach more people, but in a less targeted fashion.

One of the main advantages of hyperlocal advertisements is the savings they permit: you don’t pay to display your ads when or where your potential customers are unlikely to see them. Another advantage is that the return on your investment is better – a key factor when your marketing budget is limited and you want every penny to count.

Of course, this is a product that offers advanced features, so you might want to explore simpler solutions first to see if hyperlocal advertising is right for your business. Talk with an expert at YellowPages today to discuss the possibilities.


*An Introduction to Hyperlocal Mobile Display Advertising: How to Maximize the Chances of a Click on Mobile Display Ads, Mediative. http://pages.mediative.com/Mediative-eBook-Hyper-Local-Introduction

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