How to Create Seasonal Online Ads

January 26, 2018 Seth Spriggs

Let more people know that you have great things to offer for the holidays with online ads.

The great thing about online ads is that they allow you to reach more customers effectively and it doesn’t have to cost very much or anything at all.

Answering the following questions should help you create your online ad:

1. Who am I writing for?

Think about your audience first. Who are you sharing with? What is the purpose of this ad (to drive sales or build awareness)?

After thinking about your audience, consider what offers would most appeal to them and how to promote it. Offers don’t have to be a sale or discount. They could be a free download, a subscription to your newsletter, or value-add services like gift-wrapping, free shipping or a personal consultation.

TIP: Try different themes throughout the year. If it’s a holiday ad, perhaps sharing something more festive.

2. Where should I put it?

There are many places to promote your online ad – it all depends on who you’re trying to reach. It is helpful to find out where your target audience is spending most of their time online and then promote your ads there. You can ask some of your customers in a casual conversation or go online and do some research.

There are many places to feature your ad, including:

  • On your website

  • In an email newsletter

  • On your social media profile

  • Social media ads such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn

  • Google ads

  • Yellow Pages

TIP: If you’re looking to find local customers who are interested in your industry, Yellow Pages is the place to help you find those customers. Learn more about our advertising solutions and chat with an expert.

3. When should I put it up?

Before sharing your ad, first think about the best timing to reach your largest audience. For instance, if you are a landscaper, a good time to promote your ad is near the end of February before spring arrives. Or if you run an auto repair shop, a good time to promote winter tire change is near the end of October before the snow hits. Also think about times of day. If your target audience is moms and dads, you may be better off sharing ads in the evenings, after the kids have gone to sleep and there’s more time to surf the web.

TIP: Don’t be surprised if you need to do some testing to get your timing right. The most experienced marketers constantly test their ads and delivery times in order to get it right.

Another great strategy is to post your ad before key dates. Make a list of all of the upcoming holidays or even special seasons that are relevant to your business. As well, use a content calendar to help you plan your ads throughout the year.

Some additional tips

  • Make it easy for people to find you (contact info, website)

  • Keep it simple –be short and sweet and to the point

  • You don’t have to be pushy for sales –not everyone is ready to make a purchase. You can alternatively offer a free download or newsletter subscription.

  • Use call-to-actions to encourage your customers to take the next step

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