Best Practices For Seasonal Sales

November 28, 2019 Marco D’Amico

Every business owner wants to capitalize on seasonal sales in order to grow their business and increase their community, and Yellow Pages is here to help!

We’ve put together a list of can’t-miss advertising tips that can help you optimize your advertising campaigns and increase your business’ reputation and number of potential customers!

Let’s take a look at how you can achieve your goals when it counts most:


Increase your visibility where it matters!

Ensuring your content is geared towards keywords that promote sales and deals for your customers is a sure-fire way to get them to your website or your shop! Promoting your business through the use of key buzzwords will help your website rank higher on search results and seek out customers who are actively looking to buy!        

With up to 70% of web traffic happening on mobile devices, your goal should be to promote your brand on all devices and to create content, such as holiday offers and promotions that will get more customers through your door.

This is why you should consider creating a  free online listing, where you can increase your brand awareness, on desktop and mobile, to get a maximum return on your investment!


A Merry Facebook!

Creating and maintaining a presence on social media is essential for a business in today’s market.  In fact, 90% of marketers say their social marketing efforts have increased increased traffic.1

Creating content on social media, like pictures of your products/ example of your services, videos, or even Facebook lives can help push more customers to reach out this season, as they look to finish up all their shopping or projects before the Holiday craze!

Don’t know where to start? No worries! Yellow Pages has a team of experts that can help manage your Facebook advertising and get you more clients today!


Enhanced reputation = more sales

People are doing their due diligence prior to making a purchase, so you have to make the first impression count. Not only are people looking at reviews on social media, as mentioned above, but on other platforms like Yelp, Google My Business and more! In fact, Consumers read an average 10 reviews prior to purchase (up from 7 in 2017), which makes the necessity of managing your reviews and maintaining a good online reputation even more important during this time of year!2

Reviews have significant power on a business’ conversion rates, as 85% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. The key is for a business to be consistent and accurate in everything they do, and the clientele will shortly follow. If an SMB owner ever needs a one-stop shop to look into all these various responsibilities for them, there is always the Yellow Pages NetSync solution, which can help them keep track of reviews, manage their business information and schedule their social posts.


Pay to play, profit today!

Successful local SMBs actively change their messaging and content to fit the time of year, and most develop specific targeting campaigns to boost revenue and engagement. If your business isn’t in the habit of targeting consumers who are looking for a business like yours, creating an SEM campaign in the way to go. Just remember to be original and funny in order to best grab your potential customer’s attention!

Using paid search advertising (SEM) has shown to be very profitable around this time of year, as business have found a a. 200% return on their investment when using Google Ads campaigns, making it the most performance of advertising on the market. SEM advertising is a valuable way of improving a business’ visibility quickly and efficiently. Get access to Yellow Pages SEM to promote ads to consumers who are actively seeking information about the products or services you offer.


Ensure you’ve renewed your content and business information

Keeping information up to date can have a serious effect on potential customers view a business. The reputation of a business can be greatly impacted by erroneous information. It was recently found that 75% of these people lose trust in a business if they come across wrongful information.5

SMBs cannot afford to lose clients for such trivial things. This is why we suggest that all business owners do a thorough review of the information on their website and storefront in order to ensure all is accurate and uniform!

The creation of a Google My Business profile can help them set the standard for their business information. Google will ask them, one by one, for every piece of valuable business information while creating their profile.  This process is very important for SMBs because customers who find a brand through their Google My Business listing are up to 50% more likely to make a purchase.6

Don’t have time to update all your social platforms? Consider using NetSync to enhance your online reputation from one, user-friendly platform!


Optimize your holiday sales today!

We hope these tips can help you fashion the most efficient and performant advertising plan for your seasonal sales! We know that customers are looking for business just like yours and we want local SMBs to maximize their earnings during seasonal sales!

If you don’t know where to start and want to talk to an expert about your options for a fine-tuned marketing strategy, then you can also head over to Yellow Pages for Business to get access to the widest array of digital marketing solutions in Canada!



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