Why Priority Placement Matters

February 6, 2018 Natalie Russo

It’s hard for small businesses to stand out 

The Internet is big and there’s a lot of online competition, especially if you’re trying to show up near the top in online searches and in digital listings. If you are the owner of a pizza chain, for instance, you’re probably competing against tons of other restaurants in your area. How will your business stand out when local people look for places to eat online?

Why Priority Placement matters

Since most people now use search engines, social media and local listing sites to connect, many businesses, especially smaller ones, find it difficult to appear near the top in popular searches. It is important for your business ad to appear higher in listings to reach more people.

At Yellow Pages, we understand the challenges local businesses have getting noticed online –since large companies usually dominate the first few pages of search results. Not only do we offer a free online listing on Yellow Pages, we can also boost online ads with Priority Placement, so that people can easily find your business. In addition, since we are premium partners with Google, we also help business show up higher in Google searches.

So how do you get started?

To begin, it’s best to have a website and/or a social media page, like Facebook, so that you can direct people there for more information about your business. Then create a listing online for your business on reputable sites like YP.ca. Having an online listing helps you connect with more people in your area or with people who are looking for products and services like yours.

Once you’ve established your online presence, it’s time to start reaching more people. That’s where online ads come in. Online ads help you deliver promotional messages about your business to more locals in your area. You can also target specific types of people who might be more interested in your business.

Reach more of the right audience

By promoting your digital ad with Priority Placement, you’ll immediately start reaching more people, and you can also target specific types of audiences with customized advertising features for your business. 

For example, if your salon caters mostly to women, aged 25-45, why spend unnecessary dollars trying to advertise to a broader audience? Yellow Pages’ customized advertising features help you reach the right audience and find more of the right customers for your business. 

Additionally, Yellow Pages Priority Placement includes a reporting tool to help you measure how well your online content is doing. 

And, if you do not have time to create an ad, Yellow Pages also has a graphic design team to create one for you. We’ll work with you to create something that speaks to your customers and then share it with the people you’re most trying to connect with.

Ask our advertising experts for a free consultation  

The Priority Placement feature comes in different packages, from more aggressive advertising to simply making your listing more visible. Every business has different marketing needs, and our advertising experts can give you with free consultation and help you find the perfect plan.

You can chat with an Advertising Expert online if you have any questions or give them a phone call: 1-877-553-6883

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