Staying Ahead of the Game: The Advantages of Yellow Pages’ Listing Platform

August 20, 2018 Sanaa Hajoui

As a business owner, the goal of any advertisement campaign is to convert on as many leads as possible. Other digital marketing options will value impressions over conversions, as it costs you less to increase your reach than a conversion rate. However, at the end of the day, the goal is to multiply your potential leads to increase the likelihood of a conversion.

When it comes to increasing your meaningful interactions with potential customers, Yellow Pages listings can help you stand out from your competitors. Their successful platform can increase your visibility, while also providing businesses with more meaningful contacts with potential customers. Let’s take a look at how the different options can get you the leads and sales you need to grow your business:

1-1/3 of Canadian Internet users search for local businesses on YP sites daily

Over 8 million internet users use the Yellow Pages listings to search for local businesses each day. These users visit the mobile and desktop sites, as well as the various apps to find a business that will meet their needs. That’s 1/3 of the country passing by your storefront on a daily basis! This represents a huge boost to your business’ ability to engage in local commerce and it adds value for small businesses that are trying to connect and expand.

With such a large number of potential customers, setting up your business on Yellow Pages listings allows you to promote your services to a much wider audience. They’re positioned within the top 6 biggest Canadian websites in Canada in terms of traffic, making them a natural hub for homegrown commerce.

Further adding to the value of Yellow Pages’ listings platform is the high and growing number of mobile devices users. More than 60 % of searches are made on mobile devices. Online listings like are one of the top five mobile app categories among mobile app users in Canada. This is important for business owners to consider, as multi-platform usage in Canada has steadily increased. As of 2017, 76% of Canadians now access digital media from mobile devices; and that number is projected to rise in the coming years. Their strong grasp of the mobile applications spectrum in Canada make it a logical intermediary for growing your business today and for tomorrow.

2-Quality Clicks Lead to Quality Exposure

When you promote your company on a listing of any kind, the first step is to have customers visit your website and learn more about business. On average, visitors that come onto view 2.5 pages per visit. When looking at your website traffic and users’ behavior, a high number of pages viewed per user indicates that they have taken your content seriously and to browse through your website (to find pertinent information to their query) they have shown clear interest in your offering.

Users are taking the time to engage and research the content, which helps spread a businesses’ visibility and promote their brand. Even if there isn’t an immediate sale that ensues from the user’s visit to a business’ site, the user is now aware of the business and its content going forward. This is important for businesses looking to spread their brand as much as possible within their local community.

3-2/3 of people searching on make a connection  

When advertising or listing your business online, the goal is to secure the highest amount of leads as possible with the hope of turning them into a sale. Yellow Pages’ listing platform thus becomes an invaluable tool for local Canadian businesses, as 66% of users searching on engage with businesses that match their needs. It gives business entrepreneurs and their staff the opportunity to answer any follow up questions, create a meaningful rapport and close a potential sale.

The true value of Yellow Pages’ listings comes from its proven ability to connect potential customers to local businesses in a meaningful manner. Facilitating new business relations and expanding a business’s reach are essential in the digital era and Yellow Pages is leading the charge in Canada.

4-Don’t miss out on a valuable business opportunity

When it comes to digital advertising in Canada, Yellow Pages has got you covered. Their developed listing platform facilitates meaningful dialogue between consumers and businesses. With the increased use of digital marketing tactics to increase the visibility of small businesses in Canada, creating a listing on is a must for local entrepreneurs. It guarantees them access to a significant pool of highly relevant/potential customers that continues to grow over time. In an era of immense competition, utilizing the Yellow Pages’ listing platform is a positive step towards any business’ future success. Increasing you visibility, reach and meaningful contacts are essential to the health of any business and Yellow Pages can help get you there, one user at a time.


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