What Is Facebook Page Insights and How Will It Help My Business?

February 9, 2018 Natalie Russo

If you’re already promoting your business with a Facebook page, have you been using Facebook Insights? If not, or if you’re not sure, it’s essential that you continue to read this article—and find out how you can use this tool to help you better engage with your audience and even reach more people.

What’s Facebook Insights?

Facebook Insights is a free reporting tool that comes with your Facebook page. It provides you with information on your page’s performance and the people who have engaged with your posts. Knowing this can help you plan out a more effective social media content strategy.

For instance, by looking at how well each of your post is doing and seeing which ones have the most reactions, comments, and shares, you can gauge what kinds of content is appealing to your audience. As well, knowing who your audience is (e.g., what city they’re from, their age gender, the types of posts they like) can help you create more targeted content, which in turn leads to more likes and shares!

How to access Facebook Insights and what you’ll see (as of 2016)

To begin, simply click insights at the top of your page. From there, you’ll see the main dashboard with an overview of your page’s performance. It’ll show you Actions on Page (such as people who click on your phone number or website information), Page views, Page Likes, Reach and Videos.

Below the graphs, you can see the reach of your latest posts. You will also see other information including the date the post was published, who was targeted, and the number of post clicks and reactions, comments & shares.

How to get more insightful data?

Under overview in the left margin, you can click on each of the sections such as likes, reach, page views, events to get a detailed summary of your page performance for each of those categories—this includes the kinds of audience that have engaged with each category.

For an even more detailed summary, you can export your data by clicking Export in the top right corner. A pop up window will appear, in which you can select the date range you’d like to see for either your page data, post data, or video data. 

The key to social media success is to have a content strategy

Now that you know about Facebook Insights and how you can use it to measure your page performance, it’s time to build a solid content strategy that uses the data to help you create more engaging content for your audience. We have a free social media template to help get you started—have a look at this article to learn more about it!  

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