What Is Call Tracking and Why Should I Use It?

February 2, 2018 Natalie Russo

Your business ads are up and running. How do you know which ones are driving more traffic to your door?

Some people may already be using reporting tools to get detailed insights as to where their online traffic is coming from and who their audience is. However, these tools won’t give you information about incoming calls as a result of your ad. For instance, when customers search for your business on Google, they can see your business telephone number without necessarily clicking the link to your website. How would you know if they found your number through your ad?

This is where call tracking comes in. With call tracking, each ad gets a unique number so when people call you with that number, you know which ad it came from. 

How relevant is call tracking in today’s world?

In a very digital market, businesses’ may overlook how many new customers are acquired via telephone. 

Although many customers nowadays are more self-sufficient than ever when it comes to finding information and making purchases online, a large number of businesses still acquire new customers via phone calls. Studies have shown that 43% of all search-related conversions happen over the phone, and 65% of businesses consider phone calls to be their most valuable, highest quality source of leads.

There are many instances where customers will be calling your number to find you: such as calling to make a dental or haircut appointment, booking a hotel or restaurant reservation, checking to see if your store is open. 

In fact, as more people are finding businesses on smartphones and tablets, there is a greater need to have insights into the connection between marketing efforts and phone calls.

If you’re not tracking your phone calls, you are missing out on attaining useful information to help your business grow. Knowing which ad directs people to your business number will help you determine which ads are more successful in driving action. This is useful information when it comes to planning your ad budget and finding ways to improve your next ads.

Does Yellow Pages provide call tracking?

Absolutely. Yellow Pages provides you with a FREE tracking number to go with any of your paid advertising. Whether you have a print ad or an online ad with Yellow Pages, you can get an unique tracking number for each ad. 

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