Social Media Marketing 101 for Small & Medium Businesses

September 21, 2018 Sanaa Hajoui


Social Media Marketing has become an essential part of any small or medium business’ (SMB) successful marketing portfolio. With millions of Canadians using social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram daily, advertising your business on these platforms has become particularly effective in order to retain your customers and secure new ones. Having your business show up strategically on a users’ news feed is extremely valuable, as consumers will be able to see your ad and learn about your company. The added exposure from social media campaigns has vaulted many Canadian SMBs to new heights due to an increase in visibility and significant rise in meaningful contacts. Let’s look at a few ways advertising on Facebook and Instagram could help your company thrive:

1. Customizing Your Campaigns

When creating your ad campaign on Facebook or Instagram, you are able to choose the target demographics, based on age, gender, language and geo-location, as well as the amount of money you want to spend throughout your campaign’s length. That’s a lot of options! Facebook and Instagram’s algorithm will then provide you with a forecasted result of your campaign, which will allow you to weigh the potential return on investment. If you feel it is not going to perform as well as you want, not to worry. You can always modify you demographic choices or even increase your campaign investment to really maximize your reach.

Furthermore, if you feel your campaign hasn’t been living up to the forecasted results Facebook or Instagram calculated for you, you can always modify your demographic or investment mid-campaign. If you feel you have a stronger response from women, between the ages of 20 to 35 in Ontario, you could re-arrange your campaign to focus more on this demographic and increase your chances of meaningful contacts, without limiting your company’s reach and exposure.

2. Targeting Based On Interests

Facebook and Instagram offer a very unique algorithm that allows you to also focus on interests. You can create an entire demographic group around specific interests and keywords that best describe your business. For example, if you’re a coffee shop looking to advertise on Instagram or Facebook, you would single out interests like “coffee”, “coffee shop”, “latte” or even “barista” as key themes. Their algorithm will then pinpoint everyone in your chosen geographical sphere (default is a national search) that shares those interests and will target them. Facebook and Instagram will even predict the total amount of people you could target with those keywords; then suggesting to increase your scope or narrow it depending on the size.

Not only can you create a campaign around interest categories, but you can also tailor your campaign for specific outcomes. A campaign can focus on acquiring more leads, traffic, high reach, or extra page likes. If you wish to get your company’s name out there, having a campaign focus on increasing your reach would greatly increase your exposure. On the flipside, if you want to acquire more consistent followers for your company’s Facebook Page, then your campaign should focus on acquiring more Pages Likes. Getting more page likes will increase your immediate audience for when you wish to release pertinent content, while also increasing your potential engagement rate.

3. Pictures, Gifs and Videos

We’ve talked about how you can advertise on Facebook or Instagram, but we haven’t spoken about what you can advertise. Social Media Marketing allows you to choose what format of media you wish to use to project your message and company values. Some companies will use high end pictures with a slogan to entice a strong emotional response from their target demographic. This is very good in promoting the values of your company and getting your message or promotion across in an impactful way.

Instagram and Facebook also let you advertise with short videos. Videos are statistically the most effective of media used to entice a customer to act or engage with a company. A recent study has concluded that 71% of advertisers believe that video content generates more conversions - calls from potential customers or information requests, for example – than any other form of content. That’s a strong indication that video content can get you a strong return on your investment

 Prepare for Success Today!

Social Media Marketing has become key component for success of any SMB in Canada. It is an effective way to increase engagement, visibility and meaningful contacts. Did you know that the #1 Facebook Marketing Partner (small business solutions) in Canada is Yellow Pages? They have a team dedicated to creating, monitoring, adjusting and completing Facebook, Instagram and Messenger based campaigns. Their team of Facebook Blueprint certified experts can help you get your campaign up and running while you worry about running your business. To find out more on the tailor-made Social Media Marketing products available to you, visit Yellow Pages now and get noticed today!


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