Pokemon Go: How Your Local Business Can "Catch 'Em All"

February 19, 2018 Seth Spriggs

Canadians are already going crazy for Pokémon Go, a location-based augmented reality mobile game where players traverse their neighbourhoods, searching and catching for Pokémons in real time. Many people couldn’t wait to play and found ways to download the app prior its official launch in Canada.

In the US, the game has seen twice as many mobile downloads as Tinder, it has doubled the engagement of Snapchat, and it’s eclipsing Twitter in its percentage of daily active users – all in less than a week since its launch, according to a report by Inc. The app also generated roughly $1.6 million in daily revenue from in-app purchases in its first week.

Who’s also benefitting from this craze? Small businesses. Many local businesses in the US, such as restaurants and stores, are already cashing in on foot traffic from the app.

For instance, according to Bloomberg, a local pizza restaurant in New York spent approximately $10 on Lure Modules and saw food and drink sales spike by more than 30 percent in one weekend. Other businesses have also found creative campaigns to draw customers in, such as advertising their location as a Pokémon hot spot and offering a variety of incentives for Pokémon users.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/liniziopizza

Your businesses can also make the most of this hype and here’s how to do it.

1. Let everyone know if your business is near a Gym or a PokéStop

Gyms and PokéStops are hotspots for Pokémon Go players: they collect rewards at PokéStops and battle other players at Gyms to defend their territories. You can find out if your business is near any of these places (or, even better, if it’s located right at your storefront) by downloading the Ingress app, a separate app developed by Nintendo. This app lets you access a searchable world map of different portals – each one being either a PokéStop or a Gym in Pokémon Go. 

If your business is a hotspot, let people know about it through social media and put a cute sign on your doorstep, like in the photo below:

Source: http://nextshark.com

Source: https://twitter.com/ltsPokemon/status/752796542134784000/photo/1

2. Purchase Pokémon hotspots with Lure Modules

Lure modules are in-game offers that local businesses can use to drive customers to their store. Businesses who download the Pokémon app can purchase this feature to “lure” Pokémons, and consequently players, to their store if they're by a PokéStop. Store owners can now buy Lures for as little as $1.39CAD.

TIP: Consider buying a package of Lure modules and advertise a Pokémon Go Lure Party through social (such as Facebook and Meetup.com) and your other networks.

3. Stir interest with incentives for Pokémon Go players

Asides from putting a sign on your door and letting players know your business is a hotspot, there are other creative Pokémon Go campaigns your business can try. Here are some ideas:

  • Give discounts for people who tweet your location or share on Facebook
  • Offer discounts for people who have achieved a certain level on Pokémon Go or are on a certain team
  • Host a Poké-hunt. Advertise a date and time for players to meet at your location, and then depart together for a stroll around your neighbourhood to search for some Pokémons. Also, be sure to host an after-party at your establishment. 

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