Northland Radiator Testimonial

In today’s busy, overwhelming and sometimes overbearing world of sales and marketing it is truly refreshing to work with someone who goes above and beyond the call of duty, is knowledgeable and informative and goes that extra mile to get the job done correctly, efficiently and affordably.

This to date has been my experience in dealing with Michelle.  She has always strived to keep me informed of the latest trends, what marketing she feels will work best for my company, and how to maximize my advertising budget to accomplish this. She invests the time to learn about my business and try to understand it as best she can to accomplish these tasks.

 Sadly, most customers will not take the time I have today to let others know about their employees but I am, and will continue to let other associates of mine know of my dealings with Michelle and Yellow Pages, and recommend them both highly!


Stacey Schmitz


Northland Radiator Service Ltd

6870 Edgar Industrial Drive

Red Deer, Alberta, Canada

T4P 3R2

Office: 403-347-2380

Fax: 403-342-0140

Toll Free: 1-888-532-5677


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