New Website Budgeting Template

February 6, 2018 Sanaa Hajoui

With the cost of a new website ranging from free (if you build it yourself using a basic template on a platform such as to thousands of dollars for a custom-built option with all the bells and whistles, it can be difficult for small businesses to determine how much budget they’ll need.

This template will walk you through the key elements you should consider when budgeting for a new website. As you weigh the option of using self-serve platforms or vendors for building your site, use this template to record the cost of each item. Once you know the total amounts, you can then compare quotes or weigh the cost of particular items on your list against how important they are to achieving your goals for your site. (Before you start, see our helpful guide for assistance in determining those goals and turning them into an actionable plan.)


Your URL is your website address. Prices vary based on domain providers (keep an eye out for promotions or look for alternate domain extensions, which may be available at a reduced price) and whether your desired address is available directly or you need to repurchase it from the current owner. As well, some vendors charge a fee for securing a URL on your behalf.

Upfront cost: $___________

Annual renewal: $___________

☐ Website build

There are numerous tasks that go into building a website. While some providers, such as Yellow Pages, include everything that’s involved in building your website in one price, other vendors may break each item out into a separate item on an a la carte basis. These may include:

Site architecture: $_______

Wireframes: $________

User Interface (UI) design/page templates: $_______

Conversion of pages into CSS (Cascading Style Sheets: $___________

Mobile optimization: $_________

Special tools and features: $________

Integration of analytics: $__________

Redirects from existing website: $________

Quality Assurance (QA)/testing: $_________

☐ Hosting

Hosting refers to the server where all of the information contained on your website lives. Typically, hosting prices are based on a number of factors, including the amount of storage space your website requires (multimedia sites may require more than a text based website), operating system and the type of server upon which your site is hosted. Your web host may also provide additional services such as email addresses that are customized to your domain. As with your website build, some vendors include hosting within their packages while others charge a separate fee or require businesses to have their own external host. Some DIY website platforms provide free hosting, though this may be supporting by external ads which can be removed for a charge.

Upfront setup fees: $________

Deployment to your host server: $__________

Additional services (email, multimedia, databases): $___________

Ongoing hosting fees: $__________

☐ Content

Content is everything that tells your story, from the words on static landing pages to photos and video that bring your business to life. In considering your website, you should think about what content you will need to launch your website and also about your long-term strategy for keeping your website timely and relevant.

Landing/static page copywriting: $____________

Photos (stock or custom): $__________

Video: $___________

Ongoing new content/blogs: $____________

Migration of content or blogs from existing website: $_______

☐ Traffic

Launching a website doesn’t end with the build. As you budget for your new website, it’s important to think about how users will find your site and to build these tools into your budget.

Search engine optimization (SEO): $_________

Search engine marketing (SEM): $_________

Social media: $_____________

Listings: $____________

Total cost: $__________

Add up the items in this template to determine the total cost of your new website.

All your website needs, one simple fee

As you can see, a lot goes into building a new website and the many different elements can stretch your budget. Many small businesses find that the simplest and most cost-effective approach is an all-in-one solution for design, development and content, plus an ongoing management package. Contact Yellow Pages to find out how your business can get a professional-looking customized website without the hassle.

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