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August 13, 2019 Marco D’Amico


In 2019, our goal was to reinforce our commitment to helping Small and medium businesses, the economic backbone of this great country, grow their enterprises and surpass their business goals. We believe that every community is a gem and our goal is to highlight all of them!

This is why we chose a homegrown talent in Chris Soueidan to help illustrate the beauty of this country in the eyes of Yellow Pages. We’ve made our new designs all about Canadians in order to highlight SMBs and offerings in their local area. The new cover design is part of a series of six illustrations distributed nationally, and featuring some of the most beloved elements of Canadian culture. Each major region in Canada was meticulously studied across time in order to properly encapsulate its core values and historical impact on Canada’s economic scene. Below is a quick overview of each design and what went behind each


British Columbia

The west coast of Canada has long been recognized as one of the most beautiful and dynamic areas in Canada. With a strong history of maritime and lumber trade, British Columbia has long been the link between Canada and Asia, making it prime for trade and commerce! Their vast array of minerals and forests made the region an ideal landing spot for many entrepreneurs at the turn of the 20th century. Today, BC is home to one of the most advanced tech centres in Canada, evolving its trade and business focus with the times, while also maintaining their beautiful, natural landscapes.

The iconic tree-filled landscape of “Beautiful British Columbia”, especially near the coast in the Lower Mainland, is remembered fondly by Canadians because of their elegance and size.  The giant marvels, which stand tall from the mainland all the way  into Vancouver Island, represent the rich natural history of this lush, natural area.. Having been one of the resources that prompted the expansion of trade in the Lower Mainland area, we could think of no better symbol of British Columbia’s mercantilist history.



Alberta is one of the most booming areas in Canada for all things commercial and business-related.  With a strong array of natural resources to mine, harvest or extract, Alberta quickly became a merchant hub after being founded in the late 19th century. Since then, it has grown into one of the most dynamic business areas in the country, attracting thousands of Canadians to migrate there to start a new job or business.

Alberta’s breathtaking landscapes off the backdrop of the Rockies and its gorgeous forests make it one of the most beautiful places to visit in Canada. We decided to outline that awe-inspiring scenery with the combination of long-ranging Rockies and many streams or lakes that have captivated Albertans, Canadians and the world many times over.



Manitoba and Saskatchewan are collectively known as the Great Plains of Canada, due to their open fields and vast farmland. Throughout time, many venture to the Plains in order to create a new life for the families and future descendants. Filled with fresh and fertile lands, many flocked to region in search of work and trade. These people created a culture of mercantilism based primarily on the growth of key resources, such as corn or wheat!

Furthermore, the Great Plains are also home to many of Canada’s First Nations communities, who have long represented the core of this breathtaking region. Their contributions to the culture of trade and business ownership can still be felt to this day, as both Manitoba and Saskatchewan continue to thrive as agricultural hotbeds. The strong men and women of the Plains help feed Canada on a daily basis, and have proudly done so for more than 100 years now, and Canada would not be the same without this lush region’s vital contributions.


Ontario has always been a hub for commerce and trade, from the days of early colonial Canada to today! Its central location, access to key waterways and its vibrant cultural centres have fashion Ontario into the economic powerhouse it is today!

When people around the world think of Ontario, the first thing that comes to mind for most will always be the majestic Niagara Falls. The iconic waterfalls, which sit on the border between Canada and the United States, have been a focal point in Canadian history and attracts millions of tourists every year.  As a major cultural spot, based on local markets and tourism, Niagara Falls symbolizes the opportunity and prestige of the province of Ontario. 


Quebec has a long history of being a hotbed of innovation and commerce throughout the centuries. From cobble-stoned streets of Old Quebec City to the vibrant tech sectors of Montreal, Quebec has constantly evolved with every generation and has produced some of the most successful businesses in Canada.

Quebec is recognized for its rich culture and unique architecture and no other landmark encapsulates the abundance of said history of ‘’La Belle Province’’ quite like Quebec City’s Chateau Frontenac. The prestigious hotel, perched atop Cape Diamond since the late 19th century, was designed to convey prestige in keeping with its Old Québec surroundings. Being a figurehead in the history of Canadian culture, we pride ourselves on featuring this majestic building as the central image of this illustration.

The Maritimes

The east coast of Canada has always been the centre for trade and business since before the inception of Canada itself. Fisherman, dockers and boat builders occupied the coasts of Nova-Scotia, Prince-Edward Island, Newfoundland and New Brunswick for centuries, creating strong and thriving businesses based on connections and hard work. The Maritimes represented early opportunity in a new land that was ripe for businesses and maritime travel to other distant lands.

In honour of those maritime-based pioneers, we couldn’t think of a better symbol to represent the East Coast than the majestic and towering lighthouse. With an almost endless coastline to cover, hundreds of lighthouses have been guiding seafaring travelers for hundreds of years. These gargantuan beacons serve as reminder the area’s rich nautical and commercial history and continue to stand as a testament to the resolve and dedication of Canadians all across the Maritimes!


But what does this mean for SMBs?

The Yellow Pages Print Directory, and the YP app have been visually enhanced to include the various great landmarks and symbols of this vast country, but we also wanted to take our customers’ experience with Yellow Pages one step further.

When rethinking the Print Directory, the goal was to develop a product where SMB owners to maximize their business’ first impression with enhanced content and greater advertising opportunities! With revamped covers, prime visibility with specialty advertising banners and enhanced content sections, print advertising has never been so attractive for business owners looking to capture the attention of Canada’s most sought after consumer base. Click here to see how Yellow Pages print advertising can help your business reach new heights with key marketing solutions tailored for your business!

With over 2.2 million SMB listings on, we wanted to ensure that businesses had all the tools necessary to stand out from their competition. The redesign has made it easier for advertisers to get access increased visibility, more high-intent customers and an improved user-friendly experience for including enhanced content. We want our consumers to “Live.

Shop.Taste.Discover” anywhere, anytime like never before with an unprecedented access to business listings that make Yellow Pages platforms one of the most efficient in the country!


Sign-up for a free online listing with Yellow Pages on to help give your business more visibility and greater access to high-intent customers. Click here to fill out our free online listing form in order to establish your presence on Canada’s most popular business directory today!

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