Is Print Advertising Still Relevant to Your Business?


Like most businesses in 2016, you’ve likely put a fair amount of thought into how engaging people online can improve your bottom line. From optimizing your website so you rank higher on Google to having conversations with fans on social media, digital marketing seems to be where it’s at these days. As for print – everyone says it’s dead, right?

Not so fast!

While online advertising is vital for local businesses, print is still an important tool for reaching customers. Here are five key reasons why print is still important for your local business.

#1 Your customers are everywhere. You should be too

Although Canadians spend more time online than anyone else in the world, we’re consumers of all kinds of media in all kinds of formats. More than half of us still read newspapers in print, we pour over flyers, community papers and magazines, and 84 percent of Canadians have a print directory in their home, according to Yellow Pages. Keeping print in your mix can help ensure that you’re reaching people who may not see your ads online and also reinforce your messaging for people who do.


#2 Print ads can’t be blocked

With online ad-blocking technologies growing increasingly prevalent – one study found that nearly half of U.S. internet users utilize an ad-blocker – many advertisers are concerned about the reach of their online efforts. Print ads, however, are guaranteed to be seen.


#3 Want prospective customers to remember you? Put print in the mix

Print is a multisensory experience. Just like online, you can see the content, but you can also smell the ink and feel the paper in your hand, resulting in something more tactile than the scroll and swipe online experience. Why is this relevant to advertising your local business? According to a study called What Can Neuroscience Tell Us About Why Print Magazine Advertising Works?, the increased sensory engagement stimulates more specialized parts of the brain, making people pay more attention to print ads and resulting in greater recall. Print ads also seem to trigger activity in the parts of the brain associated with reward processing and desirability – as close as you can get to a “buy button” within the human brain.


#4 Print has a high ROI

For businesses with limited resources, it’s especially important to direct budget towards advertising and marketing initiatives which will translate into the greatest returns. Studies have found that print ads can often yield a higher return on investment than advertising on other media, while every $1 invested in print directories generates $14, according to Yellow Pages. Even better, mixing print with other media seems to have additive effects.


#5 Print ads are trackable

To that effect, while many people laud digital advertising for rich analytics which make it easy to track the results of an ad, it’s a misconception that you can’t directly trace the results of print advertising. For example, Yellow Pages print advertising includes free tools that allow you to determine exactly what happens when people see your ads: a free call tracking number means you can determine exactly which leads are the result of your print ad placement, and Yellow Pages analytics includes a revenue calculator so you can determine the ROI of your print and other ads.


It’s time to get print back in the mix

Digital marketing is an important way to reach valuable local consumers – but if you don’t have print in the mix, you’re likely missing out on a powerful tool for growing revenue. Book a meeting today to understand how Yellow Pages 360 Solution can help you reach the right audience – on every platform.

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