How to Use Your Facebook Ads to Target Interested Customers

January 31, 2018 Seth Spriggs

Facebook is a powerful marketing channel that can help you reach audiences truly interested in your offering. After all, it’s the platform where 1 billion users share their preferences, interests and activities. Facebook ad tools allow you reach a highly customized audience most likely to view your page, download your app, click to your website or make a purchase.

How can you leverage these tools correctly, efficiently and effectively? Here is a simple guide to help you get started.

Basic Targeting Tools

Identifying who you want to reach is the starting point for Facebook ad targeting. Identify the characteristics of your interested customers and use these targeting tools to filter to this audience:


An obvious place to begin is location. Facebook uses stated location on users’ posts or their IP address. Just enter a country, region or address and Facebook pulls users in that location. You can choose people living in, travelling to or just passing by a given location.


Going beyond the basics of gender, age and language, Facebook allows you to target by ethnicity, education, income, household type and a wide range of other options.


Facebook users actively share hobbies and pastimes, liking and sharing pages of charities, events, food and drink or shows they are watching.


Facebook data integrates with third-party data for the most accurate user behavior data on areas such as shopping habits, preferred technology and commuting style. Targeting people by behavior and interest can be especially powerful.

Life Events

People actively post major life events – upcoming birthdays, getting married or announcing a new job. You can predict people’s needs before and beyond the event and target your ad to when they are most likely to buy.


You can also retarget people who have already connected with you. Your connections’ engagement with your ad, page or app appears on their connections’ newsfeed, increasing chances of others engaging with you too.

Tools for Advanced Targeting

Now you’re all setup on targeting your ads, step it up a notch by layering on advanced tools that target only the most qualified leads.

Custom Audiences: Efficient Targeting

Target existing customers by uploading your contact email and phone lists or user IDs of site visitors. When offering a deal to new customers, you can exclude existing customers to maximize reach to new targets.

Lookalike Audiences: Cast A Wider Net

Don’t have a large list to customize your target audience? Use this tool to reach users who share characteristics with your followers. Import a list of customers and let the tool identify a similar audience.

Facebook Pixel: Customize Website Audience

Insert a Facebook pixel to your website to start building a custom audience. This is a powerful tool for re-engaging and pushing visitors to your site to revisit and complete the buying cycle.

As you begin to successfully reach and convert interested customers, track and measure combinations of demographics and behavior to make your audience more precise. Remember – a narrower audience means more likelihood of conversion.

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