How Keywords Can Make a Difference in How My Home Services Business Gets Found

February 19, 2018 Seth Spriggs
Keywords are a very important part of getting your home services business found online. Knowing which keywords to target and the search queries that your customers enter into search engines to find products and services relevant to your business will increase your odds of getting found online and generate more sales leads. 
Your customers are only going to become more reliant on the Internet to find home services businesses. That’s why it’s increasingly important for you to have a website and online presence to compete into today’s marketplace. 
Getting Found Online Starts with Keyword Research
If you don’t perform keyword research and take the time to understand how your customers find your website, you are playing a guessing game. You are also potentially losing out on new leads and customers to your local competitors. 
Building a website and having social media accounts is only the beginning. To improve your online presence, you need to use keywords strategically and optimize your website to increase your visibility in search engines.
If you want to get on page one, you need to know which keywords to use. Since most home services businesses are locally based, you need to target industry and geographically specific keywords and search terms. 
For example, if you are a plumbing company in Toronto, your targeted keywords could be:
  • Industry specific keywords: Plumbers, professional plumbers, experienced plumbers, plumbing services
  • Geographically specific keywords: Plumbers in Toronto, Toronto plumbers, plumber in the GTA 
Researching your market’s keywords from multiple perspectives not only helps you understand which terms to target for SEO, it also provides you with invaluable insight into how customers search for your business and what they are looking for online. 
The Key Players
There are three key players involved with keywords and how to use them effectively to help your home services business get found: Customers, your business, and search engines. 
From the Customer Perspective
A customer has a need for a product or service. They go online to perform a search to explore their options for home services companies in their area. They think of a phrase or words to search online (the search query) and enter it into a search engine or online business directory. 
From the Business Perspective
There are certain terms, phrases, and product and service names that are used more frequently by your customers. Your job is to find out what they are, and use these keyword terms and phrases to optimize your website. 
To make your website easier to find, perform keyword research to identify the terms and phrases that consumers use to search for your business online.
Your main goal is to identify keywords and keyword phrases that match the queries your customers use for search. When a match occurs, you will have a better chance of driving more customers to your website or online business listing. 
The Role of Search Engines to Help Your SMB Get Found Online
A keyword is a phrase you are targeting to get found online, and a search query is what your customers actually type into search engines. Therefore, the role of a search engine is to match a user’s search query with the keywords you use on your website. When there is a match, your website will be listed in search engine results pages. Results are ranked by relevance, and if your webpage is the most relevant to your customer’s search query, you will rank first. 
For example:
  • A customer searches “plumbers in Toronto”
  • Your home page is optimized for the keyword phrase “plumbers in Toronto”
  • The search engine identifies a match
  • The customer sees your website listed on the search results page 
Where Keywords Make a Difference for Your Home Services Business
Keywords play a main role in helping your website get found online in a number of other areas in addition to search results:
  • Map listings: Map listings are very important as they help users find local businesses that are close to home. Map listings are included in search results, and many users look at map listings first before looking at search results. Including keywords in your map listing on Google+ and other map websites provides your website with an additional listing in search results. 
  • Directory searches: Many users search for local home services businesses using directories. Therefore, using relevant keywords in your directory listings will make it easier for potential customers to find your business. Directory listings may also appear in search results, giving you another opportunity to get found online. 
  • Paid ads: Search engines allow you to pay for ads that are based on your targeted keywords. When a user searches for the keyword, your ad will be listed alongside the search results, helping you get found. 
Keyword research is one of the most important activities to improve your website’s search ranking. Ranking well for keywords relevant to your business can immediately pay dividends in terms of increased website traffic, more leads, more calls and emails, and more sales. 
Learn more about getting started by downloading The Keyword Guide for Canadian Home Services – a guide that provides an overview of the benefits and top trends in how consumers find home services, how keyword research plays a primary role in being found online, and provides small business owners with a simple to follow process for choosing and incorporating keywords into your website and online listings.
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