A New Chapter in Print Advertising

August 12, 2019 Marco D’Amico


Yellow Pages has been hard at work attempting to find new ways to make print advertising fun and fruitful for both advertisers and consumers alike! We went back to our roots to look at what makes Canada such a great place to live and connect with others.

Thus, for this new edition of the Yellow Pages, we wanted to pay tribute to Canada through a series of recognizable symbols and landmarks, and to offer a glimpse into what makes our country so great. As the world’s second biggest country, which is home to one of the most diverse populations on the globe, representing Canada in one illustration is no easy task.


More relatable for enhanced engagement

We’ve made our new designs all about Canadians in order to highlight SMBs and offerings in their local area. We believe that every community is a gem and our goal is to highlight all of them!

This is why we chose a homegrown talent in Chris Soueidan to help illustrate the beauty of this country in the eyes of Yellow Pages. The new cover design is part of a series of six illustrations distributed nationally, and featuring some of the most beloved elements of Canadian culture. Visit us on Facebook to uncover each landmark, and get a glimpse of all the different covers.


Get Prime Exposure with Cover Ads

Specialty ads give SMBs the opportunity to be front and center in their local community, by standing out on our newly designed cover page! Get your ad front-and-center in exclusive positions and increase your visibility within your local community. Being one of the first ads customers see will leave a lasting impression of your business, increasing your chances of meaningful contacts.

We want to ensure that businesses can be visible in as many places as possible in order to increase your potential reach. Having a high reach will help you increase your brand awareness, which is important to ensure customers contact you and keep coming back!


Improved experience, increased value!

We have enhanced multiple sections in order to increase the value of our directories by including sections like Restaurants, Menus and Savvy Lifestyle Guide, to highlight offerings in your community and also help SMBs showcase their promotions, offerings and much more!

Businesses in the food industry will now be able to take their print advertising strategy to the next level, by including their menu within the Yellow Pages directory for prospective consumers in their local area.

These sections were created in order to continue to drive up customer interactions with our advertisers. Including a menu or coupon not only provides great brand awareness of any business, it can also help drive more business and sales to your door!


A New Page, Same Mission

Yellow Pages has always sought to promote SMBs to Canadian consumers, due to their authentic approach and their quality products/services. Our goal with this new branding initiative was to give business owners greater value and even more opportunities to stand out from their competition on every page.

We want SMB owners to maximize their business’ first impression with enhanced content and greater advertising opportunities! With our revamped covers, prime visibility with specialty advertising banners and enhanced content sections, print advertising has never been so attractive for business owners looking to capture the attention of Canada’s most sought after consumer base.

Click here to see how Yellow Pages print advertising can help your business reach new heights with key marketing solutions tailored for your business!

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