9 Mobile Apps for Small Businesses

February 16, 2018 Caitlin McElwain

Smartphones have been revolutionizing the digital world. A day doesn’t go by when someone doesn’t discover a new way to maximize the potential of these little devices we now take with us everywhere. For small-business owners, a smartphone can be a valuable work tool that does much more than just make phone calls. Here are 9 apps to make your smartphone even smarter.

1. Kingsoft Office

Open, edit and save your Word, Excel and PowerPoint files. This application integrates with your email and lets you access file-sharing services like Google Drive and Dropbox. All at an unbeatable price: free!

2. Dropbox

Place your most important files in a directory on your computer and directly access them with your laptop, tablet and phone. The file is actually located in your device, so you don’t need an Internet connection to work on it. Dropbox is often used as a real-time backup system.

3. Evernote

Save all the information you want to keep on this app: web pages, written documents, photos, voice instructions and so on. You can then organize and access it on all your devices.

4. Cisco WebEx Meetings

Just like at any business meeting, you discuss, you observe nonverbal reactions, you draw a diagram on the board, you exchange documents, and you show others what you have on your screen… But unlike typical meetings, the participants aren’t in the same room: your secretary is at the office, your salesperson is in Tokyo, your supplier is in New Delhi, and you, well, you’re at the cottage!

5. Mint.com

Access all your accounting files on your smartphone. One particularly handy feature is being able to enter your expenses right when you make purchases.

6. Teamwork Projects and Asana

Two project-management apps that let you track schedules, assign tasks, share files and so on.

7. Your bank’s app

Most banks offer an app that lets you directly access your account. Can you really afford to do without it?

8. Square Register

Can be used to accept credit card payments. The cost is 2.75% per transaction. Two advantages: you don’t have to open an account with VisaMasterCard or any other company and, most importantly, you always have your cash register with you!

9. FlightTrack and TripIt

If work has you flying a lot, these apps are for you. FlightTrack gives you real-time access to your flight information: departure time, delays, departure gate. TripIt’s Pro version groups similar info together with all your other travel info, such as your reservation number, the route to the hotel and your meeting details. You can even share these details with a colleague.

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