7 Things You Should Try for Your Retargeting Ads

January 26, 2018 Caitlin McElwain

Want to reach customers who are already interested in your business? That’s where retargeting comes in. Retargeting lets businesses show their ads specifically to people who have already visited their website, but for one reason or another, left without making contact or a purchase. Businesses can also use retargeting to deliver ads to past customers who may not have come into your location or made a purchase in a while.

In both cases, retargeting is available for searchdisplay and even social media advertising (and whatever platform you choose, Yellow Pages can help you manage the entire process, from developing creative to deploying the ads to your targeted audience).

When it comes to creating a successful retargeting ad campaign, you should try these 7 things:

1. Create a solid strategy

What kind of lists do you want to build? And how do you want to use them? The answers to these questions are the key to your remarketing strategy’s success.

2. Tailor your ads to your audiences

Retargeting is most effective if you separate your visitors according to what they did or didn’t purchase so you can tailor your ads to each group. People who looked at shoes, for example, should see a different ad from those who looked at shirts. And if someone purchased a specific item, consider retargeting them with a complementary product.

TIP: Don’t forget to exclude people who have already been converted from your lists.

3. Know your targeting window

The best time to target someone is different for every product or service. Retargeting also keeps your brand front and centre, bringing back window shoppers when they’re ready to buy. But they won’t always be ready immediately. People shopping for travel should be retargeted right away while people shopping for luxury goods should be retargeted later on.

TIP: Overexposure will annoy people, so limit the frequency you show your ad to potential customers.

4. Include a clear call to action

Define the exact action you want the user to take. And make it different depending on where they are in your sales funnel. You might want your leads to take a different action than organic visitors or existing customers, for example. Learn more about CTAs.

5. Know what offer to use

Always promote an offer specific to the content on the webpage that was visited.

6. Keep your ads fresh

Change up the benefits and offers in your ads to convert people who have been retargeted for a while but still haven’t budged.

7. Send traffic to a dedicated landing page

Always lead people to a landing page that has the same look and feel of the ad that was clicked on. That way, people will immediately know that they’ve come to the right place. More on matching ads with landing pages

Learn more about getting started with retargeting

If you’re not so sure about promoting your business with retargeting ads or if you’re planning a retargeting ad campaign for the first time, we have a free guide to help you out. This guide will provide you with the basics and some helpful tips on how to get started with retargeting. Download this guide on retargeting for small businesses here.

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