5 Hyperlocal Mobile Ads You Should Create

January 26, 2018 Caitlin McElwain

With their ability to zero in on customers who are close to your location, hyperlocal mobile ads are a powerful way to grow your local business. But if you’re not customizing your ad creative to make it relevant and timely, you’re not using hyperlocal mobile ads – or HyLoMo ads, as they’re also called – to their full potential.

Hyperlocal mobile ads use the GPS features within people’s mobile phones to pinpoint their location and show them relevant ads and other content. But more than just a way of connecting with prospective customers who are nearby, these ads offer businesses the opportunity to deliver tailored and immediately actionable messaging.

According to Google, four out of five consumers want to see ads that have been customized to their city, postal code or surroundings. For local businesses, just knowing that a customer is close by takes some of the guesswork out of crafting this customized messaging, making it easier to intuit customers’ frames of mind and immediate needs and speak to them directly.

Hyperlocal ads receive 50 per cent more clicks than other mobile ads, research shows, and there’s a good chance the high level of relevance is part of why this type of niche targeting is so successful. HyLoMo advertising is also easy: from helping you determine the optimal platform for your ads to using targeting tools to home in on nearby audiences, Yellow Pages experts can handle the entire process on your behalf.

Whether you choose to DIY or leave your campaign to the experts, here are five ways you can use hyperlocal mobile ads to connect with customers near you.

1. Convey key details about your business

Simply knowing you are nearby can increase a customer’s likelihood of visiting your store by 30 percent over buying online. So while ads that provide your key information – address, directions, hours and phone number – may seem basic, playing up these details can help encourage customers to pay you a visit. Ad extensions that allow customers to call or get directions with just a click also make it easy for customers to take that next step in your direction.

2. Show off availability of in-demand items

Whether it’s boots or snow shovels ahead of a storm, freshly-baked hot dog buns before the long weekend or the coolest toy in the schoolyard, having in-demand items in stock can make your business a hot address in the neighbourhood. Hyperlocal mobile ads can be a great way to use your inventory to lure new customers, especially if your offerings are otherwise hard to find nearby.

3. Target the competition

Want to intercept people before they give their money to your competition? Hyperlocal mobile ads can be a great way to do so, whether by targeting your ads to the zone around your competitor’s address or using HyLoMo ads targeting keywords such as their business name. You can even hook customers once they’re already inside your competitor’s location. Research shows 90 percent of consumers use their smartphones in-store to look up product information or compare prices, giving you one last opportunity to steal the sale.

4. Offer door crasher promotions

Know what’s even better than a deal? Finding a good deal serendipitously. And while there isn’t actually any luck involved in serving timely deals to people within your radius, your customers won’t know that – they’ll just think they stumbled upon a bargain that’s irresistibly close by. You can add extra urgency to these offers by using phrases such as “today only” or “limited availability.”

5. Retarget interested audiences

Retargeting is a tactic where your ads are shown to people who have previously demonstrated an interest in your business. This could mean they’ve recently visited your website or even patronized your business in the past – and showing these groups your ads via retargeting can dramatically increase the chance of a sale. If someone has already shown an interest in your business, an ad letting them know they’re “less than 30 steps away” from you or offering a returning customer discount may be just the trick to get them moving in your direction.

Targeting the right customer is simpler than ever

There are many types of messaging that can give your hyperlocal mobile ad a major dose of immediacy and relevance. But while many find the act of deploying ads using HyLoMo – or any type of targeting – to be the tricky part due to the technical aspects involved, it doesn’t have to be onerous. Contact Yellow Pages to start getting your messaging in front of the most valuable audience for your business.

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