4 Ways to Create More Social Media Engagement and Delight Your Fans

In recent years many people have noticed that organic (free) posts from a Facebook business page don’t go as far as they did before. And it’s true that social media, for the most part, has moved to a pay to play model where your posts are more likely to be seen if you buy some ads. 

But organic posts still have an important role to play. There’s plenty of opportunity for you to grow your audience for free and attract new customers to your business page; the key is making sure that your posts are engaging and relevant to your audience.

So even though Buffer Social has shown that organic reach is just under 6% (meaning that, of the total number of fans who have liked your page, only about 6% of them will see your posts without you paying for it), we’ve collected a few easy ways for you to create engaging social media content so that you can keep your costs down and grow your audience.

1. Incentives

Everyone likes a prize, including your customers. Incentives are an excellent, low cost way to get your customers to engage with your social media posts. Running a contest is the most popular way to do this, but you can also create a special offer or exclusive “fans only” content.

TIP: If you choose to run a contest, make sure you follow the proper steps to do it.

2. Add people to the conversation

As you create content on your page, think about ways to include others in the conversation. The best way to do this is to tag people (@name) in the post text. For example, if you were to run a contest, you could congratulate the winner in a post. This shows people that you value them and that you want them to be part of the group.

3. User Generated Content (UGC)

This type of content asks fans to create something and share it on your social media page for everyone to see. Oftentimes, UGC is paired with a contest but it doesn’t have to be. The best UGC happens naturally as part of the experience of doing business with you.

Take GoPro for example: because the product encourages people to take adventurous and exciting videos many of the films get shared to the wider world where the company picks up on this and shares it with their fans. At this point, what usually happens is that GoPro fans will share the video even further. UGC has a natural way of spreading and creating engagement.

4. Ask questions

Sometimes the best way to get engagement is to try and learn more about your audience. You can do this by asking a great question. Remember, the key word here is sometimes. Don’t overdo this or your fans might feel like they are being interrogated.

A great question is one that doesn’t take a lot of thought to answer and gets your audience to share something unique about themselves. If you’re Baskin-Robbins you might want to ask which of the 31 ice-cream flavours is your favourite. Be sure to keep it friendly and lighthearted.


What makes a great post? Making your content stand out

In addition to the content ideas above, you also want to make sure that your posts stand out from the crowd. Boring text and images are a surefire way to get people to scroll past your post instead of clicking on it. 

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